SATYRICON To Perform Two Exclusive "Horns & Diadems" Shows At Norway's Beyond The Gates 2024

December 7, 2023, 3 months ago

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SATYRICON To Perform Two Exclusive "Horns & Diadems" Shows At Norway's Beyond The Gates 2024

Iconic Norwegian metal band, Satyricon, will play two unique concerts in Grieghallen as Beyond The Gates artist in residence 2024.  

Since the early '90s, Satyricon has been a flagbearer and innovator within the confines of Norwegian Extreme Metal - always searching for new ways to challenge themselves and the listener. From songwriting to visual art, production and presentation – Satyricon has always strived to be ahead of the pack. 

Horns & Diadems are two unique sets that celebrate the music and art of this treasured duo, as well as honoring their impact on Norwegian music history and culture. From the early beginnings with Dark Medieval Times and The Shadowthrone, to milestone albums such as Nemesis Divina, the groundbreaking Rebel Extravaganza, to chart-toppers Now,Diabolical and Deep Calleth Upon Deep, Satyricon has made no compromises in their 30+ year career as a genre defining entity.

The two concerts will have completely different setlists, spanning from the early days - featuring songs that haven't been performed live for many, many years - up until present day. 

Satyricon frontman Satyr comments: “What we are doing here is an example of the route this band has taken. A residency at the mighty Grieghallen feels like a natural next step following appearances at the The Norwegian Opera and Ballet and the art exhibition, Satyricon & Munch at the Munch Museum. We will try and show everyone exactly what this band is about and we very much look forward to it already.”

Adds festival manager, Torgrim Øyre: “We’ve always strived to be able to offer our festival audience something unique – to take them on a journey that you can’t experience anywhere else. Working with Satyricon on this project is an exemplification of just that. The band has a tremendous history and is an artist that has always pushed the boundaries of the genre, never doing anything by halves. Rest assured - they won’t do that this time either. Satyricon has been creatively restless from the get-go, something that has resulted in a rich and diverse catalogue. We can’t wait to hear the band take a deep plunge into their history and and take us all on a Supersonic Journey from their roots and beyond.”

The concerts will also include guest musicians who have made a mark on Satyricon’s illustrious history. The two shows will take place in the iconic Grieghallen Friday, August 2 and Saturday, August 3. The event will be enriched with a variety of art exhibitions and other Satyricon related activities.

Expect the unexpected.

Beyond The Gates Festival 2024 recently revealed a very special and rare all-star tribute to Quorthon and the music of Bathory.

Under the banner of Blood Fire Death, the unique set will not only see former members of Bathory take the stage, but will also feature current and past members of Aura Noir, Darvaza, Emperor, Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Primordial, Satyricon, Watain, and Whoredom Rife.

Beyond The Gates comments, "2024 marks 20 years since the passing of Thomas ‘Quorthon’ Forsberg. Quorthon is widely regarded as one of the most influential musicians and composers in the world of extreme metal. It’s safe to say that black metal as we know it today would never have been the same without the music of Bathory. The trademark riffing, the production and all over aesthetic is omnipresent in all the bands that has later made their mark on the genre.

"On the final day of Beyond the Gates 2024 a massive lineup featuring members and ex members from bands like Aura Noir, Bathory, Darvaza, Emperor, Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Primordial, Satyricon, Watain and Whoredom Rife will gather in Grieghallen to pay tribute to Quorthon’s legacy and the music of Bathory.

"The concert will be rounded off with a spectacular production, elevating the music and the imagery of the legendary band like you’ve never seen before. Gather, Bathory hordes!"

Beyond The Gates Festival previously revealed the first wave of bands who will grace the 2024 lineup. The lineup consists of a mixture of legendary artists and purveyors of the true cult underground, which can be found below. The epic four-day metal event will take place once again in the heart of Bergen, Norway from July 31 - August 3, 2024.

Current Beyond The Gates 2024 lineup:

Behemoth, Satyricon, Watain, Venom, Blood Fire Death (A Tribute To Quorthon And The Music Of Bathory), Trelldom (first concert ever), Vreid (celebrating 30 years), Djevel, Cult of Fire, Dødheimsgard, Darkspace, Manbryne.

Night Shift + Day Shift lineup: Aura Noir, Ahklys, Ritual Death, Issolei, Doombringer, Old Tower, Fir, Bad Omen.

For complete festival details, head here.

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