SEASON OF GHOSTS Vocalist SOPHIA Talks New Album - "The Dynamic From The First Album Has Changed 100%"

June 17, 2018, 6 years ago

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SEASON OF GHOSTS Vocalist SOPHIA Talks New Album - "The Dynamic From The First Album Has Changed 100%"

Season Of Ghosts vocalist / mastermind Sophia (ex-Blood Stain Child) recently spoke exclusively with BraveWords and revealed some details about the making of the band's new album, A Leap Of Faith. Following is an excerpt from the discussion.

On the making of A Leap Of Faith:
Sophia: "There was no specific goal, because I tend to work intuitively, letting my inner voice guide me towards any result and it always turns out that it was something worth putting out into the world, I feel content about it. The Human Paradox (debut album released in 2014) was an experiment, born of my desire to express my creativity and show the real me to the audience who had affectionately been following me for years. It was my chance to explore paths I'd always wanted to explore but couldn't, being part of a band that I didn't have a voice in - ironically enough, although I was the singer. The Human Paradox was born out of a repressed amalgam of energies, agony, distress, caused by my life events that period, including leaving my old band (Blood Stain Child) on very bad terms, trying to start Season of Ghosts in 2012, but facing major setbacks until 2014, when it was finally released. So the goal, for this album was to provide the next chapter of my tale, now our tale, an honest, in-your-face, loud statement, a reminder to ourselves we're still alive."

On the trance / electronic elements of the Season Of Ghosts sound, and the criticism that those elements make the music less organic, less real, done by a computer, auto-tuned to death, etc.:

Sophia: "People tend to say that and it's true up to a point, but it doesn't usually count with solid rock/metal bands who choose to follow the electro path. The auto-tune thing... I was traumatised back when Blood Stain Child's Epsilon was released because people were like 'Ugghhh, she's auto-tuned to death, she can't sing...," but what they didn't know is that auto-tune was a choice, not a means to cover up lack of skill. The band felt it was the thing to do, so since them I've been trying to stay far from auto-tune as much as possible, to let people hear my real voice. This is a especially true in A Leap Of Faith, there's lots of vocals in the front. 

All performances are real, including keyboards that were done by Fatal Fe. He programmed some things, but several arpeggiators and keyboards were made piece-by-piece, constructed from zero. This album has the feel of a traditional 4-piece band, 5-piece if you add Fatal who guests on all songs and the dynamic from the first album has changed 100%."

Sophia recently issued the following update:

"So, if you were wondering how the new album is gonna sound like... sneak peek. Sound on! This part was without electronics, but worry not! A Leap of Faith stays true to our electro tradition..."

The album is available for pre-order here.

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