SNOWY SHAW Releases Cover Of DAVID BOWIE's "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)"; Audio

October 20, 2023, 4 months ago

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SNOWY SHAW Releases Cover Of DAVID BOWIE's "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)"; Audio

Multi-instrumentalist, Snowy Shaw, has released his own version of the classic David Bowie movie theme, "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)", available now on all streaming platforms. Listen below.

Says Snowy, "I intend to sporadically put out a number of covers in the near future. Songs that might raise a few eyebrows within the metal community but that I've always loved and dreamt of putting my very own treatment and touch to."  

He adds: "Unquestionably, my biggest passion in life is to write songs and to create these little fantasy worlds from my own vivid imagination. That being said, it doesn't stop me from enjoying doing the occasional cover song and giving it a shiny new metallic costume. Then we're mainly talking songs that weren't originally associated with metal or rock even, as my personal music taste has always been very wide and diverse. 'A good song is a good song' regardless of genre. That's always been my opinion.

"For longer than I can remember I always wanted to make my very own version of this Bowie filmscore song by the same title. The reason it happened now is just a strange coincidence as I was recently producing an American band that's somewhat crossover and hard to categorize or put in any particular music genre. Hence I asked whether they would consider adding a suitable cover that might help give this unestablished band a much needed push and sense of direction. They suggested Alanis Morrisette while the other name that came up was David Bowie. What era? I asked, as Bowie, this musical genius/chameleon has literally defied any genre categorization throughout his impressive career.

"In passing I also mentioned how I've always dreamt of covering 'Cat People', to which they asked if I could record a quick demo of my arrangement, A few days later I presented my version and they were so blown away they suggested I oughta put it out myself. So I'd spend time finishing it and now here it is.

"This is just one of many of these type of 'odd and unpredictable' cover songs that I've started recording or dreamt of doing at some point but I have never really found the right kind of context for it... let alone, the right timing... still haven't to be perfectly honest, but now I've reached a point in life where I'm thinking - So what? Fuck it! What am I waiting for? Just do it! basically."

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