SPACE CHASER Reveal Most Influential Albums That Shaped The Band; Video

June 28, 2021, 4 months ago

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SPACE CHASER Reveal Most Influential Albums That Shaped The Band; Video

On July 16, Berlin's Space Chaser will release their new album, Give Us Life, via Metal Blade Records. In this new video, members of the group present their most influential albums that shaped the band.

Nothing can beat the thrill of thrash at its best, and no one is keeping the spirit and sound of the genre alive quite like Space Chaser. Marking their ten-year anniversary with their third full-length, Give Us Life, they are returning in force and once again establishing their importance in the scene. "What we do is contemporary thrash metal, if you will, and while still having the 'old-school' elements everyone loves, we try to incorporate some of the influences that we expose ourselves to. Over the last ten years, this kind of music progressed a lot, and of course that has its influence on us. But what we do is still thrash metal, we just hope we're able to translate it a little bit better into 2021."

The album was recorded at their go-to studio, Berlin's Hidden Planet, with Jan Oberg, who the band acknowledge is a rather unknown name in the metal scene, but his work proves up to par with international standards nonetheless. The songs were produced by guitarist Leo Schacht and drummer Matthias Scheuerer with the help of Oberg, and for mastering they had Dan Swanö of Unisound Studios at the helm. "It was the smoothest recording process we have ever had. Everybody went in perfectly prepared and every idea worked out just how we anticipated. It's almost surreal, though being satisfied with your production can lead you to get lost in details forever - and the intro for 'Burn Them All' was a bitch!" Acknowledging that it feels weird to have reached their tenth anniversary already, this landmark has only stoked the fires. "We never felt so pumped and ready for whatever life throws at us," they say, and asking what they see when they look to the band's future, they are emphatic. "World domination! Well...sort of. I think every band just wants to get as big a name in the metal world as possible, and we are no exception. We really hope to expand our fanbase outside of Germany with 'Give Us Life', and we never even dreamt of getting the chance to release a record through Metal Blade. Furthermore, we definitely want to tour a lot as soon as we are allowed to. We are anxious to leave Europe for the first time, and we want to prove that we are capable of delivering on an international standard."

Give Us Life can be pre-ordered here in the following formats:

- digipak-CD
- deluxe box set (pizza box, steel blue & gold w/ white splatter vinyl, demo cassette, back patch, art print, signed card - limited to 250 copies)
- 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
- purple / black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
- midnight blue marbled vinyl (Nuclear Blast exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- white vinyl (Green Hell / TCM exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- ice blue marbled vinyl (EMP exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- gold w/ black dust vinyl (US exclusive)

Give Us Life tracklisting:

"Remnants Of Technology"
"The Immortals"
"Burn Them All"
"Give Us Life"
"Antidote To Order"
"Dark Descent"

"The Immortals" single:

"Remnants Of Technology" video:

Space Chaser lineup:

Siegfried Rudzynski: vocals
Leo Schacht: guitars
Martin Hochsattel: guitars
Sebastian Kerlikowski: bass
Matthias Scheuerer: drums

(Photo - Michael Baumgärtner)

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