STEEL PANTHER Guitarist SATCHEL Reveals Why He Doesn't Use Amps (Video)

May 26, 2023, 9 months ago

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STEEL PANTHER Guitarist SATCHEL Reveals Why He Doesn't Use Amps (Video)

Hot off the release of their latest, most ass-kicking album ever, Steel Panther is re-invading America. While in Nashville, before they played a blistering set for a packed crowd at Marathon Music Works, guitarist Satchel invited Premier Guitar's John Bohlinger to soundcheck to show off his mighty rig. In the clip below, he reveals why he no longer uses amps.

Check out the complete Premier Guitar rig rundown with Satchel below.

Steel Panther's sixth studio album, On The Prowl, is out now. The album was produced by Steel Panther and is available to order in multiple configurations including CD, Cassette, and two different color variant vinyl records, here.

From the opening synth intro of “Never Too Late (To Get Some Pu**y Tonight)” to the thunderous outro of “Sleeping On The Rollaway,” Steel Panther is back with the infectious riffs, pounding drums, unforgettable vocals alongside the witty humor that has earned them a global audience. Songs like “On Your Instagram,” “Magical Vagina” and “One Pump Chump” are sure to fit in on the biggest live stages next to the band’s most-memorable songs. “1987” is an incredible retro look at that unforgettable year and the band even slows things down on the reflective “Ain’t Dead Yet.”

On The Prowl tracklisting:

"Never Too Late (To Get Some Pu**y Tonight)"
"Friends With Benefits"
"On Your Instagram"
"Put My Money Where Your Mouth Is"
"Is My D**k Enough" (feat. Dweezil Zappa)
"Magical Vagina"
"All That And More"
"One Pump Chump"
"Ain’t Dead Yet"
"Sleeping On The Rollaway"

“Friends With Benefits”  video:

"1987" video:

"Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)" video:

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