STONE WHISKEY Joins Forces with Kivel Records For Exciting New Chapter

May 14, 2024, a month ago

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STONE WHISKEY Joins Forces with Kivel Records For Exciting New Chapter

Stone Whiskey has officially signed with Kivel Records, marking the next step in the band's career. This partnership promises a new chapter for the band and their fans alike.

"All of us in Stone Whiskey are thrilled to become a part of the Kivel Records family," says Alan Rueda (vocals). "We look forward to working with a label that shares our passion for rock music and understands our vision."

Kivel Records, known for its dedication to nurturing and promoting exceptional rock talent, is equally excited about this collaboration. "We couldn't be more excited or happy to welcome Stone Whiskey into our stable of talent," expresses John Kivel. "Their unique sound and undeniable talent make them a perfect fit for our roster. We are very eager to see what we will achieve together."

As part of this partnership, Kivel Records will be re-releasing Stone Whiskey's debut album, Rebels Of The Sun, which will include a new track order, expanded artwork and a bonus track (because nine was not enough!). This is to introduce the Kivel Records customer base to Stone Whiskey while we all patiently wait for the band’s new album in August.

Moreover, the anticipation doesn't end there. Stone Whiskey's sophomore release, titled Scream For Rock, is set to debut through Kivel Records on August 27th. Packed with adrenaline-pumping tracks and heartfelt lyrics, this album no doubt will promise to captivate audiences.

"We poured our hearts and souls into Scream For Rock, and we're incredibly excited to share it with everyone," adds Bill Spears (guitar). "We're confident that this album will resonate with rock enthusiasts everywhere."

But that's not all folks! The band's upcoming sophomore release will have renowned producer Anthony Focx of A.Focx Productions at the helm. Anthony has worked with everyone from Ace Frehley, and Aerosmith to Buckcherry and Black Veil Brides. Anthony has brought his impressive experience and talent taking on the duties of producing, mixing, and mastering Stone Whiskey’s new album. Focx's expertise and artistic vision promise to elevate Stone Whiskey's sound to new heights, setting the stage for an unforgettable end product. A perfect storm is brewing for us and we suggest that you hold on tight!

Fans eager to get their hands on the upcoming album can now pre-order Rebels Of The Sun at  the Kivel Records Store. The album is due May 31st.


"Into The Moonlight"
"Rebels Of The Sun"
"Out On The City"
"Feels Like Yesterday"
"Empty Eyes"
"Talkin Dirty"
"Livin' Wild"
"Doom And Gloom" (Rolling Stones cover)

Stone Whiskey vocalist Alan Rueda talks about the release of Rebels Of The Sun through Kivel Records:

Guitarist Bill Spears speaks about the release of Rebels Of The Sun through Kivel Records:

"Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from Stone Whiskey and Kivel Records as we get the party started. We already have some surprises planned for all of you."


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