STRYPER Frontman MICHAEL SWEET Reissues Honestly: My Life And Stryper Revealed Autobiography

November 24, 2021, a week ago

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STRYPER Frontman MICHAEL SWEET Reissues Honestly: My Life And Stryper Revealed Autobiography

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has checked in with the following update:

"My book, Honestly, has been out of print for quite a while. Recently I had the opportunity to obtain the rights to the book and I immediately ordered 1000 copies to make available to anyone and everyone who hasn’t been able to get a copy. I’ve seen the original version for sale on eBay for over $250! Now it’s available for $19.95! We changed the cover and printed 1000 soft cover copies and they’re available now at this location.

There is also a second option to order the book with a signed / autographed postcard but that won’t ship until mid December. The first option is available to ship now!

This has been a dream of mine (to get the rights back) for quite a while and it’s finally a reality. I’m so happy to be able to offer it to all of you. So many people have wanted this and haven’t been able to find it. Now it’s available.

There are only 1000 copies so gets yours while you can. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this book turned out and it’s literally from the heart and soul."

About the book: Michael Sweet is the singer, songwriter, guitarist, and founding member of Stryper - one of the pioneering rock bands of the late ’80s and still today. Sweet chronicles his life in and out of Stryper, the hardships of being the first band of faith to achieve mainstream success, as a former member of the band Boston, the tragic loss of his wife to cancer, his subsequent second marriage, and how he has managed to overcome some of the industries most tumultuous hurdles. This book holds nothing back. It is the story of Michael Sweet - Honestly. Written by Michael Sweet, with Dave Rose and Doug Van Pelt.

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