Subcultures Of The 21st Century

July 25, 2021, a year ago


Subcultures Of The 21st Century

As we are created to believe in something, we are prone to follow some subcultures our society can dictate. At the initial stage, people engage in the existing cultures for many reasons:

● it is cool;
● you make friends with different interesting people;
● I noticed a guy/girl I like very much, etc.

Usually, they are formed on the basis of mutual interests. Thus, members of each subculture create a community of like-minded people. What impresses more is the presence of various sexual orientations among them. So, for example, if you are looking for lesbian latinas among goths, you will find them for sure. There are no boundaries in seeking your perfect match, whatever your interests and preferences are.

Types of Current Subcultures

Subcultures have existed before and seem not to end up. They are highlighted by some specific items the respective members wear or use. The most popular and recognized subcultures of the 21st century are the following:

1. Emo

This subculture includes mostly teenagers that refuse to smile and show any good facial emotion. Instead, they spend their time in silence listening to specific punk music. They are recognized by outfits they wear: tighter jeans, wool sweaters, ripped chucks, and itchy scarfs. Their look contains extreme guy-liners and finishes with a kind of unwashed air.

2. Goth

By sticking almost to the same style as emo, goths are prone to the dark side of everything: death metal kind of music and laughing on odd occasions. But, despite the existing myths about goths, they are not depressed or suicidal personalities. They don’t worship satan though they can look threatening.

3. Bikie

If you have any kind of cruiser-style bike, then you can be added to the list of a bikie. Often this subculture is confused with bikers that differ a lot.However, bikerss are easy to recognize: aggressive amounts of black leather, beard, and long hair.

4. Bogan

Shows like Bogan Hunters is deemed to promote this subculture. The dictionary gives such a definition to this term — “unsophisticated or uncouth person, regarded as being of low social status”. Well, if you feel like bogan is your calling, find a flannel shirt and six packs of Woodstock.

5. Hipster

Hipters are those who must resist the urge to conform to the challenges of modern life. They appreciate counter-culture, independent thinking, progressive politics, etc. Whatever they see in the mainstream, they will definitely try not to give into it.

6. Haul Girl

This subculture is to show up more and more frequently. It usually involves teenage girls who purchase many things and display all the items to an online audience. It is not regarded as a way of bagging, but like showing insights on a person's style.

7. Brony

Brony seems to be the weirdest subculture among others. Bronies are males fond of the series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, though it was created for girls at the age from 5 to 8. They meet up to spend their time dancing in costumes and singing songs related to the show.

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