Symphonic Metal Band ANA Reveal "Ouroboros" Music Video; New EP, The Art Of Letting Go, Due In March

February 27, 2024, a month ago

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Symphonic Metal Band ANA Reveal "Ouroboros" Music Video; New EP, The Art Of Letting Go, Due In March

Ana are a suspenseful, mysterious, and soulful female-fronted symphonic metal band from Melbourne, Australia. The band just premiered a new music video and single entitled "Ouroboros". This is the second single and music video taken from their upcoming EP, The Art Of Letting Go, which is scheduled to be released on March 29, 2024 via Eclipse Records.

"We wanted the music video for 'Ouroboros' to be a statement on our emergence into the music scene as a novel yet experienced and dedicated group of musicians by placing our best foot forward and showing a glimpse of where we plan to go" says lead vocalist Anna Khristenko. "We have worked with the director Aaron Mak on several projects before and were confident in his ability to perform under pressure and conduct the production in line with our vision. The venue, Musicland, is where we played our debut show, so there was a sentimental motivation at play. The owners and staff of the venue have been extremely supportive of our band from day one, so we felt it appropriate to pay homage to the stunning performance venue they have built. Filming our video there was our way of recognizing their support and contribution to our journey. Due to a tight production schedule, we were only able to allocate three hours to film at the venue. It was certainly a challenge, but we aren’t ones to shy away from that. Our entire cast and crew did an amazing job to pull off the entire filming process under these conditions!"

The new EP by Ana is entitled The Art Of Letting Go, and the record is a portrait of passionate emotions bared to the bone, the skin peeled back on our hearts showing new vibrant colors. The album was produced by Josh Mak & Anna Khristenko, recorded & mixed by Chris Themelco (Eye Of The Enemy, Colour & Shade, Naberus) at Monolith Studios, and mastered by Thomas 'Plec' Johansson (Groove Armada, Soilwork, Mayhem) at The Panic Room Studio.

Vocalist Anna Khristenko offers us an intimate vocal that is mesmerizing, smooth, and ethereal, yet also rocking, sassy, and badass. Like a magic carpet ride through mist and shadows, the band creates a sense of suspense and payoff like some mystic noir-setting suddenly becoming a lighted path to an absolutely beautiful music that is addictive, catchy, and hauntingly vivid. The arrangements on this record are dynamically intriguing and sonically satisfying. The rhythm guitar patterns are crisp and full, the lead solos electrifying, and the keys used inventively as lead, background, and counterpoint in a variety of soundscapes. The bass is all balls and bottom, and the drums alternate between a deep groove, a force on the march, and flares and fireworks in hummingbird sixteenths smooth as late autumn dusk. Altogether, this record makes the chaotic parts of life seem poetic, and it reinforces to us that there is still room for radiance in our souls, in our lives, in the world. The Art Of Letting Go will be released on March 29, 2024 by Eclipse Records. Pre-orders can be placed now at this location.


"I’m Not The One"
"Sirens" (Remastered)

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