TANITH Share "Falling Wizard" Guitar Playthrough Video

May 16, 2023, 9 months ago

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TANITH Share "Falling Wizard" Guitar Playthrough Video

New York City's Tanith - Russ Tippins (guitars, vocals), Cindy Maynard (bass, vocals), and Keith Robinson (drums) - recently released their new album, Voyage, via Metal Blade. The album was recorded and mastered on 24-track analog tape and has never been digitized from recording to pressing. Also, fans will recognize Tippins from NWOBHM legends, Satan.

Today, the band shares a guitar playthrough video for the album track, "Falling Wizard". Check it out below:

Voyage is available digitally, on CD, and via multiple vinyl variants. Order here.


"Snow Tiger"
"Falling Wizard"
"Olympus by Dawn"
"Architects Of Time"
"Mother Of Exile"
"Seven Moons (Galantia Part 2)"
"Never Look Back"

"Flame" video:

"Olympus By Dawn" video:

"Snow Tiger" video:

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