TENACIOUS D Interviews OZZY OSBOURNE – “On No Rest For The Wicked, I Put A Message Backwards: ‘Your Mothers Sells Socks That Smell’”

May 30, 2023, a year ago

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TENACIOUS D Interviews OZZY OSBOURNE – “On No Rest For The Wicked, I Put A Message Backwards: ‘Your Mothers Sells Socks That Smell’”

Metal Hammer put together a feature with Tenacious D (actor Jack Black and Kyle Gass) interviewing heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne. They talk about Ozzy’s early life and musical influences as well as his solo career and Black Sabbath.

An excerpt below:

Jack: “What’s your favourite horror film?”

Ozzy: “Our manager came to us one day when we were on tour and says, ‘You have to go and see this film called The Exorcist.’ We said, ‘The Exorcist? What the fuck does that mean?’ He said, ‘Just go and see it.’ We were in Philadelphia in this fucking movie theatre and we were shitting ourselves! That one was just so real. We were freaked out! Here we were, Black Sabbath and I’m the Prince Of Darkness and all this, and we had to go see another movie – [US caper film] The Sting – just to stop thinking about it. It was so amazing.”

Jack: “For me, the most powerful moment in that movie was ‘Your mother sucks cocks in hell!’ How can you fucking say that in a movie?”  

Ozzy: “On [1988 solo album] No Rest For The Wicked, I put a message backwards: ‘Your mothers sells socks that smell.’”

Louder is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne may have officially retired from taking part in lengthy world tours, but as far as the man himself is confirmed, he'll continue playing shows every now and again, even if he has to be physically wheeled out to do them.

"I remember some good gigs and I’ve done my fair share of fucking bad gigs," he tells Metal Hammer in an exclusive interview in their latest issue, conducted by none other than Tenacious D. "A guitar player can change his guitar. A drummer can change the drum. If my voice goes, I’m fucked. One time I was at a gig at Nassau Coliseum in New York. On the way to the gig, my voice went out. The kids were already there and I thought, ‘What the fuck am I gonna do now?’ I went out and tried to sing and they gave me a standing ovation. The kids would rather see you being bad than go home."

"I mean, doing a live show is what I live for," he continues. "I’ve had to cancel my [2023] European tour but I’m determined. I’ve gotta do more gigs if I have to get someone to wheel me out there. I mean, you can’t retire from this game. It’s not a job, it’s a fucking passion. I don’t know how to do anything else. The thought of sitting in my house all day... I’m a road dog, you know? I’ve been doing it fucking 55 years. It’s the best thing to have ever happened to me.”

Read more here.

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