THE BEATLES Legend RINGO STARR Celebrates His Birthday With Annual Peace & Love Campaign; Video

July 2, 2024, 2 weeks ago

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THE BEATLES Legend RINGO STARR Celebrates His Birthday With Annual Peace & Love Campaign; Video

This July 7, Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara Starkey will be joined on his birthday by family and friends, including Joe and Marjorie Walsh, Fred Armisen, Ed Begley Jr,  Gregg Bissonette, Ben Dickey, Steve Dudas, Ben Harper, Greg Leisz, Asa & Roy Orbison Jr, Matt Sorum, Stephen Stills, Nick Valensi, Diane Warren, Don Was, Willie Watson, Gabe Witcher and more. NASA continues to support spreading the message to and from the universe, including messages of Peace & Love on their socials from across the solar system.

Prior to this, musicians including Ben Harper, Gabe Witcher,  Willie Watson, Greg Leisz, Don Was, Ben Dickey and Gregg Bissonnette with Steve Dudas will celebrate Ringo’s music with tribute performances.

“OK Peace & Love here we go again!” said Ringo in a video message. “Thanks for joining me on my birthday. I am so grateful to you all for helping me promote Peace & Love. I want to give special thanks to all the Peace & Love Ambassadors - we are in 34 countries! thanks for doing it  - and I gotta thank all the fans, peace & love - just join me in your mind, or on the bus or wherever you are on the 7th of the 7th just go Peace & Love at Noon your local time.”

The global celebrations continue to be confirmed and so far include (listed by time zones):

Sydney, Australia
Seoul, South Korea
Tokyo, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Yerevan, Armenia
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Tallin, Estonia
Ticino, Switzerland
Halle, Germany
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Brescia, Italy
Liverpool, UK
London, UK - Abbey Road Institute
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chascomús, Argentina
São Paulo, Brazil
Recife, Brazil
Amherst, NY USA
New York, USA
Cleveland, USA - Rock Hall
Asuncion, Paraguay
Lima, Peru
Bogota, Columbia
Panama City, Panama
Green Bay, WI USA
Guatemala City, Guatemala
San Jose, Costa Rica
Puebla, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Las Vegas, NV USA
Los Angeles, USA
Maui, Hawaii, USA
NASA (Outer Space)

The complete list of events will be posted on Ringo's Facebook page.

From now through July 7,  The Beatles Channel on SiriusXM (Channel 18), will air special programming celebrating Ringo’s birthday.  Listen now to The Beatles Channel on the SiriusXM App link, here.

Starbucks will also be supporting Ringo’s Peace & Love campaign by playing a special playlist in 15,000 US & Canadian locations and a few key cities throughout South America, Europe & Asia.

Watch a message from Ringo below:

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