THE SILENT RAGE Premier Official Music Video For New Single "The Serpent Lord"

April 5, 2023, a year ago

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THE SILENT RAGE Premier Official Music Video For New Single "The Serpent Lord"

The Silent Rage have released a music video for "The Serpent Lord", featured on the band's new album, Nuances Of Life, out on May 26 via Scarlet Records. Watch the new clip below.

"'The Serpent Lord" is the opening track of the new album, Nuances Of Life, and one of the very first being composed for the album, if I remember correctly,” guitarist/founder Nikos Siglidis recalls.

“Musically inspired by bands like Iced Earth, Judas Priest and Amon Amarth, it combines all the elements that are characteristic to each band. The main riffing is a straight Iced Earth influence from the Something Wicked This Way Comes era of the band, the chorus is a straight influence of Amon Amarth mostly influenced from the Twilight Of The Thunder God era while the bridges are more into Judas Priest classic elements. The vocal lines on the other hand, are a mixture between Iced Earth and Judas Priest as they are some of Michalis Rinakakis’ earliest vocal influences. Lyrically wise, the whole inspiration comes from the Egyptian Mythology, but as a part of a fiction character. Me and Michalis Rinakakis worked on the lyrics”, Nikos Siglidis comments.

“The solo part was an approach to the Egyptian concept combined with small tastes of bluesy licks. This solo was the first one that I recorded and composed for the band, and I tried to match it to the rest of the track as much as I could”, adds Nikos Sarbanis.

“Even though the main premise of this song was based on Egyptian Mythology, the lyrics ended up having numerous meanings! The eternal battle between good and evil, the ongoing search for deliverance, the never-ending seeking of meaning and hope, the yearning for balance – the list goes on and on… I am often writing lyrics with a few layers in them so that each listener can have their own ideas of what the actual meaning can be to them”, adds Michalis Rinakakis.

“This is also the first song that introduces The Legionnaires Choir Ensemble, which is basically a gathering of people singing chorus gang vocals, an idea that came from Michalis Rinakakis. A brand new element for us and it is here to stay!”, adds Nikos Siglidis.

The Silent Rage is finally returning to deliver their flawless, hefty, fist-pumping melodic power metal. Nuances Of Life combines the characteristic sound of classic metal, filled with blazing riffs and impressive melodies, combined with catchy and blistering vocal lines – courtesy of extraordinary new frontman, Michalis Rinakakis.

Lyrically wise, Nuances Of Life deals with spreading out the deepest, well-hidden human emotions: tales about mighty heroes and distant lands as well as everyday issues that leave a deep scar in our hearts. Get ready to a non-stop exciting headbanging experience.

Produced by Fotis Benardo (Nightfall, Septicflesh, Melechesh) and mastered by George Nerantzis (Pain Of Salvation, Abbath, Nightrage) at Devasoundz Studios (Athens), Nuances Of Life will be released in the following formats:

- vinyl (limited edition)
- digipak CD
- digital

Nuances Of Life tracklisting:

"The Serpent Lord"
"Code Of Destruction"
"Carve Your Rage"
"Crows Fly Back"
"Another Fallen Dreamland" (feat. Stu Block - Into Eternity/ ex-Iced Earth)
"Scarlet Dawn" (feat. Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin - Jag Panzer)
"The Man In The Mirror"
"Exhaling Fear"
"Ghost Of A Wayward God"
" Black Monday" (feat. Bob Katsionis - Stray Gods/ex-Firewind)
"Nuances Of Life"
"Defy The Headhunters" (CD bonus track)

The Silent Rage lineup:

Michalis Rinakakis - vocals
Nikos Siglidis - guitar, vocals
Nikos Sarbanis - guitar
George Haniotakis - bass
Stamatis Katsafados - drums

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