TIAMAT's Clouds Album To Be Re-Released In Deluxe Edition

March 25, 2024, 4 weeks ago

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TIAMAT's Clouds Album To Be Re-Released In Deluxe Edition

A deluxe edition re-release of Tiamat's third full-length studio album, Clouds, will be available on April 5 in Europe/UK, and May 3 in North America/Japan.

Clouds was another major step in the quick sonic evolution of Tiamat, as the band continued to scale back their death metal roots while pursuing more conventional song structures. The album is still predominately fixated in the death/doom metal genre.

Instrumentally, Clouds combines delicate acoustic guitars with crushing riffs and atmospheric keyboards. Johan Edlund's voice mixes death growls with a clean, gothic moaning-type voice. Songwriting contributions from new bassist Johnny Hagel take some load off vocalist Johan Edlund, whose improving English-speaking skills, and raspy but clear intonations, finally let listeners appreciate his esoteric lyrics.

Clouds was only the first step for Tiamat into gothic metal/rock. The band is best remembered for the Clouds and Wildhoney albums, which are more widespread and psychedelic/progressive influenced. Clouds would be the last album where the death metal grasp was strong, and it’s a telling sign of what the band would discover in themselves two years later. For stepping away from pure death/black metal and laying the groundwork for Wildhoney, Clouds is a historically important record that helped to shape the booming doom death metal scene of the decade.

Remastered re-release includes The Sleeping Beauty - Live in Israel mini-album (1994), recorded live in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 3, 1993.


"In A Dream"
"Smell Of Incense"
"A Caress Of Stars"
"The Sleeping Beauty"
"Forever Burning Flames"
"The Scapegoat"

The Sleeping Beauty - Live In Israel:
"In A Dream" (Live)
"Ancient Entity" (Live)
"The Sleeping Beauty" (Live)
"Mountain Of Doom" (Live)
"Angels Far Beyond" (Live) + Hidden Track

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