Today In Metal History 🤘 July 17th, 2021🤘 BLACK SABBATH, SWEET, JUDAS PRIEST, JOURNEY

July 17, 2021, 2 weeks ago

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Today In Metal History 🤘 July 17th, 2021🤘 BLACK SABBATH, SWEET, JUDAS PRIEST, JOURNEY

Talent We Lost

R.I.P. drummer Michael Thomas "Mick" Tucker (SWEET) - July 17th, 1947 – February 14th, 2002

The hands behind this intro! SWEET drummer Michael Thomas "Mick" Tucker passed away from leukaemia in 2002 at the age of 54.

Heavy Birthdays

Happy 72nd 
Geezer Butler (BLACK SABBATH) - July 17th, 1949

When asked what one of the greatest moments of his life was, Butler told BraveWords recently that it was releasing their debut album, Black Sabbath, in 1970.

“Absolutely, yeah, because we had something to show for it. You can take the record out and show your mom and dad, and your friends, and everybody else. It was the be all and end all for us, we didn’t even think about the money or anything like that. The first album was done practically live in the studio. I think it was done over two days. We weren’t allowed in on the mixing or anything like that, we just went in, plugged in, played, and left.”

Happy 49th
Jason Rullo (SYMPHONY X) - July 17th, 1972

Heavy Releases

Happy 40th
JOURNEY’s Escape (stylized as E5C4P3 on the album cover) - July 17th, 1981
"Don't Stop Believin'" (#9), "Who's Crying Now" (#4) and "Open Arms" (#2). A reason why it has sold over 12 million copies worldwide! JOURNEY’s mega Escape album (stylized as E5C4P3) turns 40 today.

Happy 39th 
JUDAS PRIEST's Screaming For Vengeance - July 17th, 1982 🎂🤘🇬🇧
The Metal Gods’ commercial breakthrough. Double platinum in the US, platinum in Canada. 

Happy 14th 
BEHEMOTH’s The Apostasy - July 17th, 2007

MALEVOLENT CREATION's Doomsday X - July 17th, 2007

NILE's Ithyphallic - July 17th, 2007

EYEFEAR's A World Full Of Grey - July 17th, 2007

Happy 12th 
MANOWAR's Thunder In The Sky (EP) - July 17th, 2009
MERAUDER's God Is I - July 17th, 2009
HORNA's Musta Kaipuu - July 17th, 2009

Happy 9th 
BARONESS’ Yellow & Green - July 17th, 2012
BURY TOMORROW’s The Union Of Crowns - July 17th, 2012
THE CONTORTIONIST’s Intrinsic - July 17th, 2012
TOURNIQUET’s Antiseptic Bloodbath - July 17th, 2012

Happy 6th 
POWERWOLF's Blessed & Possessed - July 17th, 2015
ORCHID's Sign Of The Witch (EP) - July 17th, 2015

Happy 1st
DARK SARAH - Grim - July 17th, 2020
U.D.O. - We Are One - July 17th, 2020

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