Today In Metal History 🤘 May 18th, 2023 🤘 CHRIS CORNELL, RICK WAKEMAN, BLIND GUARDIAN, WINGER, W.A.S.P.

May 18, 2023, 9 months ago

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Today In Metal History 🤘 May 18th, 2023 🤘 CHRIS CORNELL, RICK WAKEMAN, BLIND GUARDIAN, WINGER, W.A.S.P.


R.I.P. SOUNDGARDEN singer Christopher John Boyle (Chris Cornell) – July 20th, 1964 – May 18th, 2017

Four years ago today, Chris Cornell (real name Christopher John Boyle) was found dead in his Detroit hotel room after performing at a Soundgarden concert at the Fox Theatre. 


Happy 74th
Richard Christopher "Rick" Wakeman (YES, STRAWBS) - May 18th, 1949

Happy 63rd
Ronald "Bad Ronbo Dwarf" Mayer (KILLER DWARFS) - May 18th, 1960

Happy 58th
Stig Pedersen (D.A.D.) - May 18th, 1965

Happy 53rd
Billy Howerdel (A PERFECT CIRCLE) - May 18, 1970

Happy 34th
Courtney Cox (FEMME FATALE, THE IRON MAIDENS) - May 18th 1989


Happy 50h
YES’ Yessongs - May 18th, 1973

Happy 35th
BLIND GUARDIAN's Battalions Of Fear - May 18th, 1988

Happy 30th
WINGER’s Pull - May 18th, 1993
JUDAS PRIEST’s Metal Works (compilation) - May 18th, 1993
KISS' Alive III - May 18th, 1993

Happy 25th
GRAVE DIGGER’s Knights Of The Cross - May 18th, 1998

Happy 24th
STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH’s Bigger Than The Devil - May 18th, 1999
W.A.S.P.'s Helldorado - May 18th, 1999

Happy 16th
PLANET X' Quantum - May 18th, 2007
U.D.O.'s Mastercutor - May 18th, 2007

Happy 14th
OLD MAN'S CHILD's Slaves Of The World - May 18th, 2009
STRATOVARIUS' Polaris - May 18th, 2009
SUSPERIA's Attitude - May 18th, 2009
SUNN O)))’s Monoliths And Dimensions – May 18th, 2009

Happy 13th
ICED EARTH’s Box Of The Wicked - May 18th, 2010
SOULFLY’s Omen - May 18th, 2010
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE’s Mafia - May 18th, 2010
SILENT CIVILIAN’s Ghost Stories – May 18th, 2010

Happy 12th
WARRANT’s Rockaholic - May 17th, 2011

Happy 11th
SONATA ARCTICA’s Stones Grow Her Name - May 18th, 2012
NIGHTMARE’s The Burden of God - May 18th, 2012
ENGEL’s Blood of Saints - May 18th, 2012
ANTIGAMA’s Stop The Chaos - May 18th, 2012
CARACH ANGREN’s Where The Corpses Sink Forever - May 18th, 2012

Happy 5th
AMORPHIS' Queen of Time - May 18th, 2018 (#16 for BravePicks 2018)

AT THE GATES' To Drink from the Night Itself - May 18th, 2018 (#3 for BravePicks 2018)

BURN THE PRIEST's Legion: XX (covers album) - May 18th, 2018
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's And Justice for None - May 18th, 2018
FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING's Perdition Portal - May 18th, 2018
GRAYCEON's IV - May 18th, 2018
OVERKILL's Live in Overhausen (DVD) - May 18th, 2018

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