VAN HALEN's David Lee Roth - "I Slept With Every Pretty Girl With Two Legs In Her Pants; I Even Slept With An Amputee"

April 7, 2013, 11 years ago

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VAN HALEN singer David Lee Roth gave Jane Rocca from a rather in-depth and personal interview to promote the band's appearance at the Stone Music Festival, April 20-21, at ANZ Stadium, Sydney.

Here is an excerpt from the chat:

"The first girl I slept with was 18 and I was 14. We were at Club Med in Tahiti. It was our first family vacation. I had sex with one of the Tahitian dishwashing girls, named Elaine. It was the first time I saw bikinis, Europeans and was exposed to an international crowd. We ended up together under a full moon on the beach. We fumbled and struggled and she could barely speak English, but she kept saying: 'I like it, I like it.' I kept thinking, 'You're supposed to love it.'

I had so many options when it came to women for 20 years, being in a popular band. I slept with every pretty girl with two legs in her pants. I even slept with an amputee. Having rounded those bases, I value a woman who gives you room for flexibility and I love women who are clear thinkers.

I have had four great loves in my life, but have never been married or even come close. Those women are now all married and we're still good friends. I won't name anybody as they all have spouses and private lives, but the lines on my forehead are named after them.

Women love to have a good time and love a sense of humour. I love their sarcasm and ability to have a conversation, but they are like horses, you can't generalise about them and the same goes for men. Women, like men, get better with age."


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