VINNIE PAUL Discusses How Brother "Dimebag" Darrell Is "Reminding Us He's Still Around"; Audio Interview Available

July 12, 2006, 17 years ago

hot flashes news vinnie paul ( has issued a new interview with Vinnie Paul (REBEL MEETS REBEL, ex-PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN) conducted by Christine Carney. The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: I know that you've said you feel Dime's energy, and you know that he's approving. But I'm just kind of curious if you've ever had any kind of supernatural experience with Dime? Kind of him letting you know that he's right there behind you?

A: "Well, it happens everyday, you know. His number was three, you know. And everyday, 3:33 will appear on the clock, and I don't even mean to look at it, and it just reminds me of him everyday. It doesn't matter if it's at night or during the day. I'll be doing something. I'll be right in the middle of something, busy, busy, busy, and I'll look over, and by gosh it's 3:33. Or will go to turn on the street, and that's the address, 333, or something, you know. That's the closest I can say to any kind of supernatural thing. And, you know, just every time, I'm just like, 'That's him reminding us he's still around'."

Check out the complete interview at this location. An audio version of the interview can be found here.

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