Vocalist KEN TAMPLIN Shares Cover Of DEEP PURPLE Classic "Burn" (Video)

April 2, 2024, 3 weeks ago

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Vocalist KEN TAMPLIN Shares Cover Of DEEP PURPLE Classic "Burn" (Video)

Vocalist Ken Tamplin, founder of the Ken Tamplin vocal academy, has shared a new performance video along with the following message:

"Originally sung by David Coverdale with Glenn Hughes on the choruses and bridge, this is really an amazing tune from the days when rock was heavy and musicianship was at the forefront. The vocals are not for the faint at heart, either. Come with me on this fun, action-packed joyride, and watch out for the flames!"

Previously, vocalist Gabbi Gun teams up with  Ken Tamplin for a vocal cover of the Iron Maiden classic  "Two Minutes To Midnight".

Ken Tamplin: "Taking on Iron Maiden is no small task, and especially songs like 'Two Minutes To Midnight'. But Gabbi and I did not stop there: we decided to raise the key higher to make it even more challenging!

I have heard Bruce Dickinson say many times that one of his greatest vocal influences was Ronnie James Dio, and I found that to be especially true on 'Two Minutes To Midnight', so I tried to play into the spirit of that, as much as seemed appropriate and as best as possible.

Gabriela also did an incredible job of singing in the spirit of Bruce while still sounding like herself!"

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