Wacken Metal Battle Canada Champs STRIGAMPIRE Release “Sold Our Soul” Video

November 20, 2023, a week ago

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Wacken Metal Battle Canada Champs STRIGAMPIRE Release “Sold Our Soul” Video

In 2001, Canada’s Strigampire emerged onto the music scene, captivating audiences with their eloquence and delivering electrifying live performances. Over the years, their intense energy has earned them recognition and opportunities to share the stage with renowned international bands, as well as playing the Wacken stage this year after being crowned Metal Battle Canada champs. They are rounding off this year by releasing a second single “Sold Our Soul” off their third album All To Dominate, which is being released this coming December. Vocalist Steve DC shares his thoughts on the single:

“It talks about our passion for heavy metal music. I explain that we dedicate our lives to music, even if it means making sacrifices. I reference the idea of selling our soul to the devil for the love of heavy and rock music! I elaborate that, in my opinion, it’s important to sometimes stop fixating on the horizon and thinking about the destination, and instead take the time to appreciate the wonders that surround us in this wild adventure along the path of life.”

Musically, “Sold Our Soul” is a true heavy metal anthem, the atmosphere surrounding it is electrifying and incredibly badass. However, at times, it delves into a more mystical and less in-your-face ambiance, with a guitar melody that gradually evolves to culminate in an epic solo, emblematic of the rock 'n roll spirit. This song embodies a remarkable fusion of rock’s fervour and the extravagance of metal.

The high-energy elements seamlessly blend with introspective moments, creating a striking balance. In essence, “Sold Our Soul” is a true reflection of Strigampire’s identity as an extreme rock band, and celebrates the roots of heavy metal while capturing the raw energy and melodic finesse that characterize their music. 

All To Dominate is due out on December 15, 2023, and is available for pre-order here.


“Dominate Them All”
“Sold Our Soul”
“In The Maze Of The Lost”
“Where I Belong”
“Basking In Paradise”
“Death Silence”
“The Day I’ll Join You”
“Brave The Tempest”
“TNT” (AC/DC cover)


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