WALTARI Release Video For "Below Zero 2021" Feat. Former NIGHTWISH Vocalist MARKO HIETALA

October 29, 2021, 2 years ago

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WALTARI Release Video For "Below Zero 2021" Feat. Former NIGHTWISH Vocalist MARKO HIETALA

Waltari have shared their second output from their upcoming album, 3rd Decade - Anniversary Edition. “Below Zero 2021” is featuring the one and only Marko Hietala.

A message states: "The 2021 re-recording of 'Below Zero' is premiering right now and features none other than the our countrymate Marko Hietala - a rock legend in his own right, known from symphonic metal masters Nightwish and hard rock stalwarts Tarot. Our friendship goes back as far as 1991, "Marko himself chose the song" according to our Kärtsy Hatakka. "He had a vision about how the new version should sound, and we then - in a very good common spirit - wanted to definitely fulfill his wishes as best as we could. I think this turned out more than okay!"

"Kärtsy, the mainman of Waltari, asked me about a year ago if I’d be interested in guesting on their tribute album project. 'Below Zero' was chosen as the song to work on and the new chorus sounds way massive! I agreed to do it with the guys of course," Marko says.

"Below Zero 2021" (originally the title track of the band's 2009 studio album) is going to be featured in Waltari´s 30th anniversary album, 3rd Decade - Anniversary Edition.

In 2021, Waltari are celebrating their 30th anniversary of their very first space journey in true style.

This means that even though a best-of compilation might be in order on such an occasion, they weren’t themselves if they hadn't cooked up something special. The band noticed it was 30 years since the release of Monk-Punk and are not going to honor the anniversary with a special album.

They revisited material from all creative phases, choosing some of their finest songs (plus one new track) to give them an overhaul with the help of like-minded musicians from every stripe. Be it Sami yoik duo Angelit or electro hip hop stars Bomfunk MC ́s, German industrial pioneer Jürgen Engler from Die Krupps or other countrymen of theirs such as former Nightwish bass player and vocalist Marko Hietala, humppa legends Eläkeläiset as well as Korpiklaani front man Jonne, The 69 Eyes singer Jyrki, German crossover newcomers April Art, Mr. Lordi himself and his band plus members from Skyclad, Amberian Dawn, Hanoi Rocks, Negative and Beast In Black.

On November 26 the special album will be released.


“Merry Go Round” (feat. Jürgen Engler)
“Below Zero 2021” (feat. Marko Hietala)
“Skyline” (Remix by Bomfunk MC’s)
“Ehtoopuolella” (feat. Eläkeläiset)
“So Fine 2021” (feat. Kevin Ridley and Youth Choirs Sykkii and n.u.k.u.
“Step Outside” (feat. Angelit)
“In The Cradle 2021” (feat. Jonne Järvelä and Jyrki 69)
“Misty Man 2021” (feat. Niki)
“Lights On 2021” (feat. Lordi)
“The Stage 2021” (feat. Tampere All Stars)
“Helsinki 2021” (feat. April Art)

(Cover photo by Jani Mahkonen / Cover layout by Aino Korpinen)

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