WINTERFYLLETH Announce The Imperious Horizon Album; First Single “Dishonour Enthroned” Streaming

June 14, 2024, 4 weeks ago

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WINTERFYLLETH Announce The Imperious Horizon Album; First Single “Dishonour Enthroned” Streaming

Four years since the release of their seventh album, The Reckoning Dawn, British black metal forerunners Winterfylleth return to the fray with their anthemic new album, The Imperious Horizon on September 13 via Candlelight / Spinefarm.

Ahead of the release date, the band has shared the poignant first single "Dishonour Enthroned" with an accompanying video filmed by Producer & VFX Artist, Killian Monson.

After a successful European tour with Gaahl’s Wyrd & Gaerea in late 2022, Winterfylleth began work on their eighth album, The Imperious Horizon, in early 2023. That writing process led to nine new tracks of intense, atmospheric black metal that further deepened the strength of material in the Winterfylleth arsenal. The end result is one of the darkest, most enthralling, and most essential records to be released in 2024.

A lot has changed in the world since Winterfylleth released The Reckoning Dawn. The band has had a line-up change, the social landscape has become palpably different, and all the while the world has gone through a series of unprecedented circumstances - leaving it feeling like a more fractured and dangerous place than ever before.

Guitarist/vocalist C. Naughton commented: “In some ways, the album is a reflection on the mania of the years since the last album, how the world has changed for the worse, and moreover how we all feel like we are living in a more divided and upheaved world ever since! The title speaks to a looming sense of some dominant power or agenda that is coming, just over the horizon. It’s on its way, and we don’t know quite how it will manifest, but we know that it is creeping ever forward, and it is inevitable.”

The Imperious Horizon is the first album to feature guitarist and backing vocalist Russell Dobson as a writing member. Russell, who joined the group in 2020 and is also actively involved in the black metal band Necronautical, stepped in following the departure of Dan Capp shortly after The Reckoning Dawn.

The album also features a remarkable guest vocal performance by AA Nemtheanga from Primordial on the track "In Silent Grace.” Alan has had a longstanding connection with the band, and his various projects (Primordial/Dread Sovereign) have shared the stage with Winterfylleth on numerous occasions over the years. After discussing collaboration, the opportunity arose on this album when it became evident that the mood and atmosphere of "In Silent Grace" would be a perfect fit for working together. The result is a powerful and expansive track that showcases Alan's distinctive vocal abilities alongside Winterfylleth's emotive songwriting style.

The album was recorded and produced once again by the legendary Chris Fielding (Primordial, Napalm Death, Conan, Electric Wizard, Fen) at Foel Studios in Central Wales, while the post-production & mastering was overseen by Mark Mynett (My Dying Bride, Rotting Christ) at his Mynetaur Productions suite in Manchester, UK.

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“First Light”
“Like Brimming Fire”
“Dishonour Enthroned”
“Upon This Shore”
“The Imperious Horizon”
“In Silent Grace” (feat. AA Nemtheanga)
“To The Edge Of Tyranny”
“Earthen Sorrows”
“The Insurrection”
“The Majesty Of The Night Sky” (Emperor cover) (Deluxe bonus track)
“In Silent Grace” (AA Nemtheanga solo version) (Deluxe bonus track)

“Dishonour Enthroned” video:

(Photo – Lee Barrett)

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