ZZ TOP Warn Fans Of Unauthorized DUSTY HILL Merchandise

September 18, 2021, a month ago

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ZZ TOP Warn Fans Of Unauthorized DUSTY HILL Merchandise

On July 28, 2021, ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill died at 72 years of age. Less than two months after Dusty's passing, ZZ Top has issued the following statement: 

"ZZ Top, its representatives, and the family of Dusty Hill have become aware of unauthorized merchandise being sold on the internet purporting to celebrate the memory of Dusty Hill (RIP Dusty, Thank You, Dusty etc.). Please be aware that neither the band nor Dusty's family has approved the sale of any merchandise or promotions connected to Dusty.

It is sad and unfortunate that many people are trying to “cash in” on Dusty’s untimely death. Please know that no monies generated by these bogus goods are paid to the band or to Dusty's family.

It is our hope that all of you who cherish Dusty’s memory and love this band will honor Dusty by refraining to purchase any of these bootlegged goods. We further hope that you will inform others of this inappropriate and illegal behavior.

Please know that ZZ Top will pursue all available remedies to put a stop to the sale of unauthorized merchandise relating to Dusty Hill or ZZ Top. We are saddened by our loss, and will protect Dusty and ourselves to the fullest extent of the law.

We appreciate all our fans and hope you will work with us to prevent this outrageous and illegal conduct."



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