CAVALERA - Schizophrenia

June 27, 2024, 3 weeks ago

(Nuclear Blast)

Greg Prato

Rating: 7.5

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CAVALERA - Schizophrenia

Like seemingly most metal bands of the early to mid '90s, Sepultura created their own highly original sound and approach on such albums as 1993's Chaos AD and especially, 1996's Roots, which combined crushing metal with tribal percussion and instrumentation from their native land of Brazil. 

However, early on in their career, they were indeed a bit derivative…but, still one of the most extreme and ferocious metal bands on the scene, as evidenced by such offerings as 1987's Schizophrenia. 

Original Sep screamer/guitarist Max Cavalera was never entirely pleased by the production/sonics of the original release, so he has chosen to go back and re-record the whole bloody thing, along with his brother (ex-Sepultura drummer Iggor Cavalera) and son (bassist Igor Amadeus Cavalera) plus the guitarist from Pig Destroyer (Travis Stone) – billed simply as Cavalera.

And the re-recording is just as explosive and hard-hitting as the original…perhaps even more so with the improved sonics, as evidenced by such delightful lil' ditties as “From The Past Comes The Storms” and “Escape To The Void.”

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