GOROD - The Orb

April 7, 2023, 5 months ago


Greg Pratt

Rating: 8.0

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GOROD - The Orb

Long-running French tech-death enthusiasts Gorod are back for another run through the labyrinth, this time not even bothering with a record label, which speaks loads to the band's confidence. 

It's a confidence that can be heard everywhere on The Orb, starting with massive opener “Chrematheism”, which staggers and grinds and stutters and energizes, and I can't say that strongly enough: Gorod energizes, which is rare in tech-death. But the solos soar, the production brings out the necksnap groove; yes, I can never stop thinking of them as being Gojira's little brother, but I gotta quit it with that, because this is Gorod's seventh album and they really have a (very different) identity of their own. 

I love the weird jazziness of “We Are The Sun Gods” and appreciate how the title track shows both groove and climax in a tasteful manner, the listener not even realizing how dangerously close to sports-bar groove that was until after, because it was just that good. Elsewhere, “Victory” plows forth with a ridiculous amount of momentum, the carpal-tunnel-fuelled riffing a perfect backdrop for the screams of, well, victory, well deserved and well earned. 

It's not as extreme as more loyal tech-death, but Gorod have again managed to craft a fantastic and fun album that takes the best of that genre and makes something pretty fresh out of it.

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