HITTEN - While Passion Lasts

November 15, 2023, 8 months ago

(High Roller)

Rich Catino

Rating: 8.5

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HITTEN - While Passion Lasts

From Murcia in the southeast of Spain, the follow-up to 2021's Triumph And Tragedy (an album that made my year end list), sees the five-piece taking what made the previous album a success and fine tuning it. While Passion Lasts is like ‘80s Dokken had a son, with the twin guitars of King Kobra, Rough Cutt, and Icon put in a blender. 

Reason I cite those bands because of both the music and vocals and harmonies which are higher and melodic. As retro sounds for an ‘80s horror movie sets up the title track its straight into catchy guitars, a clean punchy rhythm section (with some horns accents), and a smooth vocal backed by those big harmonies for the chorus. And the guitars leads are well played and appropriate for the song, not overdone, similar to ‘80s George Lynch.

Chunky guitar riff the focus of "Blood From A Stone" with splashes of busy drums, and another great big chorus. Again, more fitting guitars leads and solo. If MTV was still around playing hard rock and metal videos "Mr. Know It All" would be a hit. "Unholy Games" got that Lynch Mob Wicked Sensation swagger. 

Half way, "Dark Stalker" begins with piano but kicks in full on rockin’ with a heavier riff and aggressive steadfast tempo without losing the melodic component. Nice twin guitars to "Truthful Lies", great bridge for the chorus in "Hold Up The Night", "Where It All Begins" leaves space in the verses for clean guitars and Alexx Panza's voice. “Crimetime" picks up the tempo with the drums driving the energy. 

I keep saying this, there is a whole bunch of new bands keeping the sounds from the ‘80s alive in the 2010 - 20202's. Support the new generation and music like you do for the legacy bands.

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