IRONBOUND - Serpent's Kiss

April 2, 2024, 2 months ago


Mark Gromen

Rating: 7.5

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IRONBOUND - Serpent's Kiss

Our favorite Blaze Bayley sounding doppelganger, from Poland, have returned with their sophomore effort. Although we nearly lost Blaze to a heart attack, he's still ticking. So why does the heavy metal community need a Polish sound-alike? Well, at least domestically, there's little chance of the ex-Iron Maiden singer traipsing to every town, big or small, within Poland, but Ironbound certainly would be game. On a global stage, less urgency, but a good band is a good band, regardless.

Despite the title, the lively bounce of "Doomsday To Come" is a fitting opener, an infectious slice of traditional minded metal, complete with drum battering. Pace picks up, slightly, as "Holy Sinners" locks into that Maiden pocket. The titular selection sports a galloping melody that induces air guitar and gentle headbanging! Guitar break showcases a bit of ear candy too. After a meandering, non-descript, repetitive lyric "Destroyer Of Worlds", the best of the bunch appears. "The New Dawn" begins subtly, but grows into a massive accomplishment, complete with fancy guitars. It's neither super-fast, nor heavy, just a great song. Hats off, boys!

"Forefather's Rites" is up-tempo and "Vale Of Tears" owes as much to the current crop of NWOTHM stalwarts, like Night Demon, as it does the old guard (from which the inspiration first arose). Good stuff. The lone slowdown, concluding "Healer Of Souls" veers towards "Sign Of The Cross", pseudo ballad territory. Initially, it rides a mid-paced beat, then switches to a more spirited, drum dominated gait, to the finish. Might not be the most "original" sounds, but well-constructed, and inspired by one of the best. Worthy of investigation anyhow.

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