July 9, 2024, a week ago

(20 Buck Spin)

Greg Pratt

Rating: 8.0

review black death laceration


Bay Area death metal crew Laceration have hooked up with purveyors of much fine extremity 20 Buck Spin here for their second album, and the sounds are a bit more straight-ahead old-school death/thrash than expected, given the 20 Buck Spin connection, but it certainly works. 

The band lays down a slightly jagged and tech take on streamlined DM—think Malevolent Creation but given a slightly modern uptick to the tunes, riffs like the razor-wire ones found all over awesome cuts like “Sadistic Enthrallment” hitting that sweet spot, as does the divebombing solo of “Vile Incarnate”. 

Later in the album, things start to get a bit repetitive, although the mid-tempo chugging of “Impaling Sorrow” provides some welcome breathing room to the DM onslaught. 

Look, give me six months, blindfold me and put this on and I'll have no idea who it is, but I might have a vague recollection of it, and I'll say now what I'm saying today: it shreds, and I approve.

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