LONESOME_BLUE – Second To None

February 2, 2023, a month ago


Nick Balazs

Rating: 8.5

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LONESOME_BLUE – Second To None

There’s a certain confidence to name your full-length debut album Second To None. That swagger isn’t misplaced however with Japan’s Lonesome_Blue. Coming forth with a mix of j-rock and power metal – Second To None flourishes on the back of Narumi's dazzling and precise guitar work.

The lyrics are mostly in English and while there is a light accent present in Maiko’s vocals – it isn’t distracting as she has a pleasant, melodic voice. Lonesome_Blue brings a sense of wonder, fantasy, conviction and sexiness to their music – just take the attitude of “Body Rock” as the band promises to entertain everyone who listens to them or the seduction of “Aurora” as examples. There is a self-assurance that they are making the right moves – and they are – the music is speedy with tight rockers backed by nifty bass work (Yuki Hirose) and drumming (Mizuki). Light keys and organ also come underneath for extra oomph; it really ups the yearning mood of “Mine” and the fantastical “Superhero” for instance.

The before mentioned “Superhero” glides with a delicious power metal type chorus and the main riff to “Blind In The Chaos” is similar to Gamma Ray. “Hide And Seek” swirls with chaotic rhythms while “It’s My Time!” declares that it is indeed Lonesome_Blue’s moment to be in the spotlight. Closer “Rising Up For Gloria” shows another side as it pure, melodic, speedy power metal ala their countrymen Lovebites.

There is much to love on here with the only true clunker being “Blue Like Sapphire (The Flower Of Hope)” as it does have a more pop sheen to it. The use of mostly English lyrics will allow for more international appeal and the songs are there. It’s hard not to be attracted to their confidence; they know they are good and they aren’t afraid to show it.

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