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September 27, 2019, 3 years ago

(PMET Publishing House)

By Sephora Henderson

Rating: 10.0


MATS E. ERIKSSON - Another Primordial Day - The Paleo Metal Diaries

Swedish Professor of paleontology and metal aficionado Mats Eriksson’s masterful tome is a testament to the universality of heavy metal music. How could palaeontology, the study of long-dead and fossilized things possibly relate to the genre of heavy metal music? Well, it seriously, really, actually does and Eriksson takes readers on a wild journey to the foundations of the earth to show you how, and all while referencing some of the worlds’ heaviest musicians and bands. Peppered throughout with stunning photographs, drawings, and art, you will meet fossils named after Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), King Diamond, Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) and Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates).  

And as if the intersection of palaeontology and heavy music didn’t already seem implausible, this book is laugh out loud funny - a perfect mix of entertainment and education. Eriksson has natural sense of humour that comes through in every section of his work. Eriksson is a die-hard metal fan, and his love and passion for the genre is evident. He is also a distinguished professor of palaeontology and self-professed nerd - the multiple facets of his own life and interests provide the perfect template for a book that brings together seemingly disparate disciplines in one magnificent medley. 

It is also a beautiful (testament) to the metal community, itself so varied, but bound together by the power of music.

Rob Halford took a few moments to talk about the importance of the metal community during the last performance of his Firepower tour that I was lucky to attend in Albany, NY, at the renowned Palace Theatre. The audience contained people of all ages, from everywhere, and in that moment I think everyone felt like part of something bigger than just his or her own corner of the world. Eriksson’s book will do much the same - by explaining the world in evolutionary terms, he makes us keenly aware/reminded of our origins, and manages to demonstrate how heavy metal music is a part of this machinery.


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OVERKILL – “The Surgeon” (Nuclear Blast)

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