MOONLIGHT SORCERY – Piercing Through The Frozen Eternity

September 10, 2022, a year ago

(Avantgarde Music)

Nick Balazs

Rating: 8.0

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MOONLIGHT SORCERY – Piercing Through The Frozen Eternity

Debut EP from this Finnish trio. Moonlight Sorcery (nice, mystical name) formed in 2018 and 2022 sees their first full realized release with the colorful title Piercing Through The Frozen Eternity. The five tracks are filled with chilling, cold melodic black metal with shrieking vocals, vibrant guitar soloing, and a wintry texture.

Beginning 1 minute instrumental “Untenkutoja” sets the scene with an atmospheric piano introduction backed by windy sounds before settling into the opening keys “For Thy Light Is Ice” with shredding guitars and devastating blastbeats and while Ruttomieli’s frosty vocals are buried in the mix; it doesn’t detract from the experience. 8 minute standout “Wolven Hour” holds a dark fierceness with cold rhythms, but a shiny, power metal like guitar melody in the middle section that elevates the track to a stark greatness. Closer “Hauta-alttari” holds a foreboding atmosphere that transcends to an organ led conclusion, sounding like a funeral procession.

This is a promising 24 minutes from these winter warriors; fans of newcomers like Stormkeep or legends like Emperor should definitely seek this out.

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