MORTA SKULD - Creation Undone

February 16, 2024, 2 months ago


Greg Pratt

Rating: 7.5

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MORTA SKULD - Creation Undone

Ah, yes, Morta Skuld. Look, I've been listening to death metal for decades, but sometimes a band just never quite hits the ol' radar, and Milwaukee's Morta Skuld is one of those bands. Now, it's usually for a reason, and here on Creation Undone, I can see why, although I can't honestly say this is better or worse than countless by-the-numbers DM albums I've enjoyed over the years. 

Songs like “Painful Conflict” split a middle ground between Obituary and Morbid Angel, and it's solid and perfectly played, with an obvious passion for the genre; same goes for “Oblivion”'s sludge squealies, and although I always am up for a journey to where the slime live, this one feels particularly familiar. 

“Unforseen Obstacles” massages an excellent solo through mid-paced swamp DM; “Self Destructive Emotions” has good use of melody and guitar work, which I'm beginning to understand is where Morta Skuld shine; “By Design” is a good, solid, heavy closer; album highlight “Soul Piercing Sorrow” showcases some excellent songwriting and dynamics and is one of the few points where some personality shines through. 

Because that's what's missing with Morta Skuld, that's why after all these years they're just a weird band name to me: nothing ever sticks beyond it being a mean medium of the genre we all love, which works, but I really want to find out who Morta Skuld are. I feel like I'm a bit closer now, so I'll take it.

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