NIGHT LORD - Death Doesn't Wait

December 27, 2022, a year ago


Mark Gromen

Rating: 7.5

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NIGHT LORD - Death Doesn't Wait

Spooky sounds effects atop sporadic piano notes and a howling wind (aka the 1:05 "Out Of The Darkness") greet the debut from Polish speed metallers Night Lord. There's an early-‘80s naivety about this project, from the over-the-top strangled/torture (near falsetto) yelps to the flagrant tempo changes. Sort of blackened thrash approach, albeit with a strong sense of melody. The constant is the wildly, blazing guitars throughout the six proper tunes ("Eclipse" is a no-holds-barred instrumental, clocking in at 3:18).

While the vocals are an acquired taste, they are typically buried within the aural punishment. Like a cartoon brawl, a rolling dust cloud that periodically is broken by the display of a head (or some other body part) of the combatants, a high end, widdling guitar run occasionally rising above the fray. This is all about energy/intensity and not technical prowess (of which there is some on display, usually fleet fingered tapping/scale dexterity). With its off kilter screams and buzzsaw din (apart from a brief, tasteful, and slowed down, mid-section) Song titles like "Wild" and "Spirit From Hell" are accurate descriptors. 

Not just for said cut(s), but the performance, in total. Riding a NWOTHM gallop and guttural voice, "Autumn Desires" is a power driven headbanger. Love the guitar slicing through. Only punked up "Ostatni Śmierci Krzyk" is delivered in the native tongue, the remainder "sung" in English. In a moment of subtlety, "Freezing Time" begins with an eerie instrumental segment, before returning to the bellicose. Maybe it's just a cumulative effect (or perhaps better "production"), but by "On Through The Night" can actually understand most of the lightning fast enunciation. Follow-up "Eclipse" feels like a classic ‘80s British tune, albeit played at 45 rpm, instead of 33 1/3. Disc closing "Speed Metal Shock" races from start to finish.

One for adrenaline fueled youngsters and those who are young at heart.

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