WITCHERY - I Am Legion

December 5, 2017, 6 years ago

(Century Media)

Chris Tighe

Rating: 8.0

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WITCHERY - I Am Legion

Album number seven from blackened thrash enthusiasts Witchery finds Angus Norder retaining the mic position for his second album with the band (after last year's In His Infernal Majesty's Service release). Suiting the punchy material perfectly, Norder's glass gargling vokills are a welcome addition to the team (original members Patrick Jensen, Richard Rimfait and Sharlee D'Angelo still manning the guitarist and bass posts). Instrumental opener “Legion” gets things started in upbeat fashion, sounding like something off a recent Slayer release. From thereon in Witchery mix mid and fast tempos (sometimes within songs) to equal measure. What stands out though is the quality of the writing. The album is littered with memorable riffs, choruses and lead breaks ... take a listen to the mid-section riff change on “Dry Bones” and try not to headbang. Good luck to that.

Other highlights include the outright thrash attack of “Amun-Ra” (can envision the heaving masses in the pit lustily screaming the chorus to this one), the Marshall music instrumental “The Great Northern Plague” (reminiscent of Marduk respites) and mid-tempo stomper “True North”. Easily the best Witchery release since their heady early years. Fun stuff.

Note: The album concludes with some backward messaging which will be left to conspiracy theorists to decipher.

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