WORMED - Omegon

June 24, 2024, 4 weeks ago

(Season Of Mist)

Greg Pratt

Rating: 9.0

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WORMED - Omegon

Fourth full-length here from Spain's Wormed, and I can't really imagine a world without their bizarre, mind-melting sci-fi technical death metal. Here on Omegon, the band are doing precisely what they need to be doing, what I come to Wormed for.

They're sucking me through some vortex where brutal DM shapes perceptions, songs like “Pareidolia Robotica” threatening Tzompantli (man I'm getting too old to type this stuff) for AOTY status, every twist and turn somehow giving me more life, bringing more consciousness to my afternoon here, like later Gorguts but more enveloped in a clinical and brutal DM framework. 

“Protogod” is unbearably heavy with its alien groove, “Pleoverse Omninertia” tripped out with prog wanderings; the relaxed meditative grindings of “Virtual Teratogenesis” and “Gravitational Servo Matrix” are otherworldly, and the closing title track is Meshuggah-on-glitch cyborg DM, chainsaw blasting and grinding and everything's sideways and Wormed just opened up another new dimension, and if it wasn't for Tzompantli, yup, album of the year right here. 

But second place ain't so bad, and if you squint your eyes hard enough and get sucked into enough black holes, there's no topping Omegon.

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