ZOMBI - Direct Inject

April 1, 2024, 3 months ago


Greg Prato

Rating: 8.0

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ZOMBI - Direct Inject

It's difficult to listen to the music of everyone's favorite all-instrumental prog synth duo, Zombi, and not think that their tunes would have served as either the perfect soundtrack to an action-adventure or sci-fi film in the early '80s…or a TV commercial for an '80s sporting event. 

Comprised of members Steve Moore (bass, guitar, keys, saxophone) and AE Paterra (drums, keys), the sound is rounded out additional percussion and guitar stylings by a pair of guest additional chaps (Jeff Gretz and Phil Manley, respectively).

Go ahead and have a listen to a tune such as the album-opener, “Direct Inject,” and try to convince me otherwise that it wouldn't have sounded perfect for an advert promoting the 1982 Stanley Cup Finals, or that “Kamichi & Sandy” wouldn't have been the perfect fit during a key scene in Tron. Elsewhere, “The Post-Atomic Horror” approaches King Crimson/Red territory, while an extra bonus point or two simply needs to be awarded for such a killer (no pun intended) song title as “Bodies In The Flotsam.”

Admittedly, lack of vocals has probably prevented Zombi from reaching a wider audience, but upon closer pondering, this is exactly what makes the duo so darn musically compelling and mood-enhancing.

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