IRON MAIDEN -'s The Final Frontier Interview Part II: Janick Gers

August 18, 2010, 11 years ago

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IRON MAIDEN's The Final Frontier, is out now!'s Antonio Marsillo caught up with guitarist Janick Gers while in Montreal recently to chat about their 15th studio album, another massive world tour and all things Maiden! The chat can be viewed above.

The Final Frontier is available in the following formats:

Limited Collectors Mission Edition

Limited Edition Double Picture Vinyl

iTunes LP

Standard CD

Digital Download

The Limited Collectors Mission Edition comes in a unique CD case and includes access to bonus content including the Director's Cut of this new video, filmed band Mission Debrief interview footage, wallpapers, photos and the exclusive game Mission II: Rescue & Revenge.

The Final Frontier features the following tracklist/song credits:

'Satellite 15... The Final Frontier' (Adrian Smith/Steve Harris)

'El Dorado' (Smith/Harris/Bruce Dickinson)

'Mother Of Mercy' (Smith/Harris)

'Coming Home' (Smith/Harris/Dickinson)

'The Alchemist' (Janick Gers/Harris/Dickinson)

'Isle Of Avalon' (Smith/Harris)

'Starblind' (Smith/Harris/Dickinson)

'The Talisman' (Gers/Harris)

'The Man Who Would Be King' (Dave Murray/Harris)

'When The Wild Wind Blows' (Harris)

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