BravePicks 2016 - THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's Dissociation #11

December 21, 2016, 3 years ago

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BravePicks 2016 - THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's Dissociation #11

Another gruelling year of heavy metal mastery is almost over! And all the votes are in and the compiling is complete! It's time to celebrate the winners and call out the not-so winners! So who will be our #1? You’ll find out as we count down the BravePick Of 2016 throughout December! And once again our devout scribes put their collective metal minds together to build the ultimate lists including individual Top 20s (new studio albums ONLY),  Top 5 Brave Embarrassments, Top 3 Concerts, What/Who Needs To Stop In 2017? and Metal Predictions For 2017. All will be showcased come the New Year!

'Tis the season to commence the good, bad and ugly of 2016! Let’s rock!

BravePicks 2016

11) THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN – Dissociation (Sumerian / Party Smasher)

All good things come to an end? Questions are in the air after The Dillinger Escape Plan announced an “extended hiatus”, but at least they are leaving on a high note with Dissociation. The album features the all the hallmarks fans love out of and single “Limerent Death” reflects that with guitarist Ben Weinman stating, “‘Limerent Death’ is one of my all-time favorite DEP songs. I feel that this song is one of the rare instances where all the members are feeling, and conveying, the same energy from start to end. A sharp focused dagger plowing its way through thick heavy walls.”

Scribe David Perri eulogized the band in a feature piece and stated about Dissociation:

“Dissociation is everything Dillinger threatened to be in its quiet moments, like Dead As History but with an extra decade of life experience. Taking cues from Portishead, Faith No More, Telefon Tel Aviv and even The Beatles (those strings), Dissociation hits depths with all their brutish reality, while encircling them with fragile vocals. ‘Finding a way to die alone,’ is the last line Puciato sings, on potentially the last Dillinger Escape Plan album. If this band’s life-cycle truly is over, then that’s a literal goodbye on the most epic of levels… as epic as ‘Sugar Coated Sour’’s hello on Calculating Infinity two decades before it, though with completely different mannerisms. Birth School Dillinger Death?”

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BravePicks 2016 Top 31

11) THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - Disssociation (Sumerian / Party Smasher)
12) DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT - Transcendence (HevyDevy)
13) WITCHERY – In His Infernal Majesty’s Service (Century Media)
14) ABBATH - S/T (Season Of Mist)
15) DARK FUNERAL - Where Shadows Forever Reign (Century Media)
16) ASPHYX - Incoming Death (Century Media)
17) GOJIRA - Magma (Roadrunner)
18) THE DEAD DAISIES - Make Some Noise (SPV / Spitfire)
19) INSAHN - Arktis. (Candlelight)
20) NAILS - You Will Never Be One Of Us (Nuclear Blast)
21) CROWBAR - The Serpent Only Lies (eOne)
22) BORKNAGAR - Winter Thrice (Century Media)
23) ENTOMBED A.D. - Dead Dawn (Century Media)
24) TREMONTI - Dust (Fret 12)
25) OPETH - Sorceress (Moderbolaget/Nuclear Blast)
26) HAMMERFALL - Built To Last (Napalm)
27) EPICA - The Holographic Principle (Nuclear Blast)
28)  DARK TRANQUILLITY - Atoma (Century Media)
29) SUMERLANDS - S/T (Relapse)
30) RUNNING WILD – Rapid Foray (SPV)
31) AVANTASIA – Ghostlights (Nuclear Blast)


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ALESTORM – “Pirate Metal Drinking Crew” (Napalm)

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