SKINFLINT – “The Fans Should Expect To See The Real Magic Of Rock”

February 17, 2023, a year ago

By Greg Prato

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SKINFLINT – “The Fans Should Expect To See The Real Magic Of Rock”

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Giuseppe Sbrana, bassist Kebonye Nkoloso, and drummer Cosmos Modisaemang, Skinflint is easily the most notable metal band to ever hail from Botswana (which is a landlocked country in Southern Africa). And not only have they returned with a new album, Hate Spell, but the trio are also touring the States from February 17-March 5 with Soulfly. Modisaemang spoke with BraveWords correspondent Greg Prato during the day of their first performance of the tour.

BraveWords: When did you join the band?

Cosmos Modisaemang: “2019. I knew the guys before – we used to meet around in the malls and stuff like that. And one day I was called for an audition, which worked out really well – and that’s the day I joined Skinflint. I wouldn’t really say I was fan – I was in a band that we used to play together, until I left that band for my own personal reasons. And then later on, I auditioned for Skinflint.”

BraveWords: How would you describe the heavy metal scene in Botswana, or Africa in general?

Cosmos Modisaemang: “I would say the heavy metal scene in Botswana is not that big. But we have loyal fans. We really don’t have a big scene, but the people we have are really helping improve the scene that we have – by getting our music to different people around our country.”

BraveWords: Who are some other notable metal bands from Botswana? 

Cosmos Modisaemang: “It’s not just heavy metal – it’s mixed genres of heavy metal. We have Wrust and we’ve got Remuda.”

BraveWords: Let’s discuss the new album, Hate Spell.

Cosmos Modisaemang: “It’s an aggressive, fresh feeling of Skinflint – but not really moving from the old Skinflint, because we are alongside the African mythology folklore.”

BraveWords: Favorite track?

Cosmos Modisaemang: “I would say ‘Sasabonsam’ – it’s a really challenging track. And if I were to give you a glimpse of what Sasa is, it’s a bat kind of vampire with a tail that can bite.”

BraveWords: What are some memories of filming the video for "Sasabonsam"?

Cosmos Modisaemang: “We have made a ‘Sasabonsam’ video, but it’s just a simple video. I believe in the future we will work on the proper video that will really show you want Sasa is. But currently, it’s just a simple video that we wanted people to have in the meantime. The video was filmed in Botswana – in a small village called Modipane. But just outside the village, by the hills, and then the little dam around there.”

BraveWords: Are you looking forward to Skinflint touring the US with Soulfly?

Cosmos Modisaemang: “It’s quite an honor to be touring with Soulfly. We’re really looking forward to that. We’re really looking forward to meet with the fans. And I will say to the fans – those who haven’t yet tasted Skinflint, we’ve got a free EP on our website, called ADZE. They can jump in and see what Skinflint has for them.”

BraveWords: What can fans expect from seeing Skinflint live? 

Cosmos Modisaemang: “The fans should expect to see the real magic of rock. We’re going to mesmerize them, we’re going to blow their brains out, and we’re going to perform our songs and give them the music they deserve to hear.”

BraveWords: Future plans?

Cosmos Modisaemang: “We just released our album Hate Spell, and we want to get it to the people, and want the people to really enjoy the music. Any more future plans will be communicated through our media platforms or website, as well.” 

(Photo - IK Laurent)

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