BraveWords Museum In Photos: October 23rd - 29th Birthdays

October 30, 2023, 8 months ago


BraveWords has one of the biggest music collections on the planet, with thousands of items signed. Each week we will showcase the last seven days of birthdays featuring some of the greatest releases in hard rock and heavy metal history. From October 16th - 22nd, the following albums/releases celebrated an anniversary. Click the gallery above to view all the photos from the past week. 

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Happy 53rd
GENESIS’ Trespass - October 23rd, 1970

Happy 28th
OZZY OSBOURNE’s Ozzmosis - October 23rd, 1995
All the way to #4 on Billboard, OZZY OSBOURNE released his seventh solo album, Ozzmosis, 28 years ago today (October 23rd, 1995). That’s the in-store we held at HMV 333 Yonge Street in Toronto. Geezer is sitting beside Ozzy. 

DEF LEPPARD’s Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits (1980-1995) - October 23rd, 1995

Happy 14th
ROBERT PLANT/ALISON KRAUSS’ Raising Sand - October 23rd, 2007

Album Of The Year at the 2008 Americana Music Honors & Awards and at the 2009 Grammy Awards. 

Happy 13th 
HYPOCRISY's A Taste Of Extreme Divinity - October 23rd, 2009

Happy 79th
Ted Templeman (VAN HALEN, MONTROSE, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS producer) - October 24th, 1942
The man twiddling the knobs for VAN HALEN, MONTROSE, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS and many more!

Happy 45th
RUSH's Hemispheres - October 24th, 1978

Happy 37th
STRYPER's To Hell With The Devil - October 24th, 1986

Happy 28th 
ANTHRAX' Stomp 442 - October 24th, 1995
SAVATAGE’s Dead Winter Dead - October 24th, 1995

Happy 23rd
OVERKILL’s Bloodletting – October 24th, 2000
SIX FEET UNDER's Graveyard Classics - October 24th, 2000

Happy 17th
PAUL STANLEY’s Live To Win - October 24th, 2006

Happy 76th
Glenn Tipton (JUDAS PRIEST) - October 25th, 1947

Happy 52nd
JEFF BECK GROUP’s Rough And Ready - October 25th, 1971 

Happy 30th
DIO’s Strange Highways - October 25th, 1993
Following the BLACK SABBATH Dehumanizer reunion, Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice reconvened and DIO’s sixth studio album, Strange Highways, was released 30 years ago today.

Happy 29th
TIAMAT’s Wildhoney - October 25th, 1994
“That which appears most beautiful is evil in disguise.” 

Happy 29th
MERCYFUL FATE’s Time - October 25th, 1994

Happy 24th
BEHEMOTH’s Satanica - October 25th, 1999

Happy 50th
THE WHO’s Quadrophenia - October 26th, 1973 

Happy 42nd
QUEEN’s Greatest Hits - October 26th, 1981
25 million copies sold and counting. 

Happy 40th
NIGHT RANGER’s Midnight Madness - October 26th, 1983

Happy 25th
NAPALM DEATH’s Words From The Exit Wound - October 26th, 1998

Happy 24th 
DREAM THEATER’s Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory - October 26th, 1999

Happy 5th
BLOODBATH - The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn - October 26th, 2018

WARREL DANE - Shadow Work - October 26th, 2018
Nearly a year after he died (December 13th, 2017), WARREL DANE’s second solo album, Shadow Work, was released posthumously five years ago today (October 26th, 2018). 🎂 Despite work being done on this after his passing, the follow-up to Praises To The War Machine is a glorious achievement and tribute to a legend. 

Happy 56th
TEN YEARS AFTER’s Ten Years After - October 27th, 1967

Happy 54th
JOHNNY WINTER’s Second Winter - October 27th, 1969

Happy 48th
ANGEL’s Angel - October 27th 1975

Happy 44th
MOTÖRHEAD's Bomber - October 27th, 1979

Happy 38th
CELTIC FROST's To Mega Therion - October 27th, 1985

Celtic Frost leader Thomas Gabriel Fischer spoke to BraveWords about acquiring the artwork for To Mega Therion from H.R. Giger:

"Well Martin (Ain) and I had pored over Giger's Necronomicon, his oversized, standard work constantly. It was basically our bible, we looked at it literally every day. And of course we loved the Satan 1 painting. When we wrote to him in late '83, when I wrote to him in my little letter, handwritten letter, we mentioned that painting and said if it's at all possible, would it be possible to do a collaboration with this painting? And to our astonishment he actually responded. He called us and his then wife also called us, who did his administration at the time, and we began to have regular phone calls, we began to have regular letter exchanges. It was of course before email and so on, and he told me on the phone one day that he had just finished what he called The Red Phase, a series of paintings in red paint, and he said his favourite painting of the series is the only one that hasn't been published yet, and he said, 'If you're agreed to also use that red painting that I love so much, and put it also on the album, I'll give you the Satan 1 for free'."

Happy 31st
AC/DC’s AC/DC Live – October 27th 1992  

TRIUMPH’s Edge Of Excess - October 27, 1992
Their last studio album, and only TRIUMPH album without Rik Emmett on it (replaced by Phil X, now in BON JOVI).

Happy 25th
MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Greatest Hits / GREATE$T HIT$) - October 27th, 1998

Happy 12th
MEGADETH’s Th1rt3en – October 27th, 2011 

Happy 45th
QUEEN's News Of The World - October 28th, 1977

SEX PISTOLS’ Never Mind The Bollocks – October 28th, 1977
🇬🇧 = yellow
🇨🇦 + 🇺🇸 = pink

Happy 41st
KISS' Creatures Of The Night - October 28th, 1982

Happy 40th
VANDENBERG’s Heading For A Storm - October 28th, 1983

Happy 38th
ZZ TOP’s Afterburner - October 28th, 1985

Happy 26th
KISS' Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions - October 28th, 1997

Happy 9th
AT THE GATES’ At War With Reality – October 28th, 2014

OBITUARY’s Inked In Blood – October 28th, 2014

Nine years ago today (October 28th, 2014), bass legend Terry Butler and lead guitarist Kenny Andrews join OBITUARY and unleash death metal glory with their ninth studio album, Inked In Blood. 

Drummer Donald Tardy told me in 2017: “We knew when we wrote ‘Visions In My Head’, it was one of the catchiest songs we’ve ever written in our lives. If John's voice wouldn't have scared the world of commercial radio, I think we would've gotten a bite and commercial fans would've liked it.“

Happy 42nd 
RUSH's Exit... Stage Left - October 29th, 1981

Recorded on the Moving Pictures tour at The Forum in Montreal, Quebec and The Apollo in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Happy 39th
DEEP PURPLE’s Perfect Strangers – October 29th, 1984

39 years ago today (November 12th, 1984), Ian Gillan left BLACK SABBATH, Ritchie Blackmore and Roger Glover left RAINBOW, Jon Lord left WHITESNAKE and Ian Paice left GARY MOORE. And a reunited DEEP PURPLE released the brilliant Perfect Strangers reunion album. 

Happy 38th 
RUSH's Power Windows - October 29th, 1985

Happy 32nd
FATES WARNING’s Parallels - October 29th, 1991

Happy 31st
VENOM’s The Waste Lands – October 29th, 1992

Happy 21st
LACUNA COIL’s Comalies - October 29th, 2002

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