HELL'S HEROES 2024 - Day 3: Dawn Brings An Early Mood, As Forbidden Traveler Sees Rotting Christ, In Sodom!

March 26, 2024, 4 months ago

By Mark Gromen

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What a way to go out! Final day of the 2024 confab was glorious. Warm weather, cold (but overpriced) beer and great bands. Traveler got the party started, before 1 PM. A heavy dose (accent on the word HEAVY) of Ozzy-era Sabbath worship from the young kids in Early Moods. The infectious rhythms of Sumerlands was the first (but definitely not last) "must see" group of the day, packing the lawn. There was a bit of an overlap, in terms of some set times today and access to the indoor stage was restricted, when the numbers swelled. High energy from Blood Star, inside, while Cirith Ungol continued their Goodbye tour, to a mourning, but adoring fanbase. 

The newest line-up of Tank (with just one, London show under their belts) played only material from the first trio of albums. Speaking of new line-ups, Forbidden guitarist Craig Locicero returned, with ex-Machine Head guitarist Chris Kontos and singer Norm Skinner in tow. American debut of Wytch Hazel was nothing short of electric, the band smiling from ear to ear, throughout. Rotting Christ delivered a smack down out in the yard, while Attic took to the stage, indoors, with lit candelabras for some Mercyful Fate inspired goodness. First time in the States, too. Sodom closed things out, with a selection of DEEP cuts that stunned some attendees.

A full recap of the festival, will be forthcoming. Until then, here's a gallery of images, from the final day.

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