LA GATES OF METAL III - Day 2: Can You Say Heavy?

October 18, 2023, 7 months ago

By Mark Gromen

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While the final day of the event lacked the sonic unity of Day 1, most plied a bludgeoning approach, Once again, the line-up was almost exclusively Left Coast bands, beginning with the sludge of Intentional Rage. Female fronted doom courtesy of Stygian Crown found welcome ears, early on. Sub Surface Tension opened the indoor stage, vocals courtesy of original Iron Maidens singer, Jen Taylor Warren. 

Resurrected Ruthless unleashed some ‘80s aggression, but not quite heavy enough to be considered thrash. Greyhawk were kind of the odd man out. Would have made more sense for them to play the day before, but their speedy power metal stood out today and was a respite for those who enjoy more melody (albeit delivered at breakneck rapidity). 

Siglos made their debut, the outfit founded by former Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin. The performers are in corpsepaint, apart from indigenous outfitted singer Transtorno. The sound was somewhere between the drone of early Tiamat, mixed with Roots era Sepultura. By far the most fans of the weekend.

Apart from the blackened rock ‘n’ roll of Nite, it was old school thrash, in succession: Evil Dead, Bonded By Blood, Heathen, Fueled By Fire and Heathen, Ultimately, Sadistic Intent brought Gates to a close.

Watch for a full, detailed report soon. Meanwhile, check out some photos.

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