AGALLOCH – First Three Albums Reissued On Vinyl

March 30, 2016, 8 years ago

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AGALLOCH – First Three Albums Reissued On Vinyl

Seminal progressive black metal band Agalloch has announced the reissue of their first three albums Pale Folklore, The Mantle, and Ashes Against The Grain. All three albums feature new layouts and album photographs, plus The Mantle and Ashes Against The Grain have been re-mastered for vinyl by Colin Marston.

Says lead guitarist Don Anderson, "We cannot underestimate the importance of these three albums in the development of our sound and our history. In hindsight I am most proud of the fact that neither of these albums pigeonholed us. It is the radical difference of each album that allows us to continue to experiment with our music and lyrical themes today. These three albums constitute a significant chapter in our history and I am excited to finally see a proper and official vinyl release of each one of them."

Each album is available individually as a black re-issue 2LP and as part of the standard bundle, which includes all three black 2LPs. Colored vinyl options are also available, exclusively on The Omega Order.

Pale Folklore tracklisting:

“She Painted Fire Across The Skyline”
“The Misshapen Steed”
“Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony”
“Dead Winter Days”
“As Embers Dress The Sky”
“The Melancholy Spirit”

The Mantle tracklisting:

“A Celebration For The Death Of Man”
“In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion”
“I Am The Wooden Doors”
“The Lodge”
“You Were But A Ghost In My Arms”
“The Hawthorne Passage”
“And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth”
“A Desolation Song”

Ashes Against The Grain tracklisting:

“Falling Snow”
“This White Mountain On Which You Die”
“Fire Above, Ice Below”
“Not Unlike The Waves”
“Our Fortress Is Burning”
“The Grain”

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