ALESTORM Releases Official Live Video For Pirate Metal Drinking Anthem "Drink"

May 3, 2021, a month ago

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ALESTORM Releases Official Live Video For Pirate Metal Drinking Anthem "Drink"

The world’s favourite Pirate Metal Drinking Crew, Alestorm, are taking you on a wild, wet ride across the seven seas with their new live album/DVD/BluRay, Live In Tilburg, out May 28 via Napalm Records. Today, the wild bunch releases another song off the live DVD from their tremendous show in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Alestorm makes the instructions for Tilburg’s live crowd very clear: "Drink“! This fist-pumping fan-favorite is a heavy metal powerhouse and the bands most successful single of all time. 36 million views on YouTube and 30 million clicks on Spotify make this song standout - and the new version comes with a very authentic live production.

Excellently produced and mixed by the renowned Lasse Lammert, who has already been involved in Alestorm’s studio albums Curse Of The Crystal Coconut, No Grave But The Sea, Sunset On The Golden Age and many more, Live In Tilburg features an amazing mix of Alestorm’s most beloved hits like “Drink“, “Mexico”, “Alestorm”, “Hangover”, “The Sunk’n Norwegian” and of course, “Fucked With An Anchor”.

The live album will be available in various colored vinyl formats, and the special edition of Live In Tilburg comes in a wooden box, along with a CD+DVD, a mediabook and a 7-inch vinyl featuring two new acoustic Alestorm cover songs. Live In Tilburg’s immersive experience is the true definition of what Alestorm is all about - an endless fountain of foot-stomping, riff-busting, piratical singalong fun. A must-have for all the filthy landlubbers out there.

Live In Tilburg will be available in the following formats:

- Deluxe Wooden Box: Mediabook, 7" Single (2 Acoustic Cover Songs), Lanyard + Pass, Alestorm Flag
- 2-LP Gatefold (Mint) + DVD
- 2-LP Gatefold (Yellow) + DVD, Slipmat & Patch
- 2-LP Gatefold Vinyl (Black) + DVD
- BluRay/DVD/CD Mediabook
- Digital Album

Pre-order here.


"Magnetic North"
"Over The Seas"
"The Sunk'n Norwegian"
"No Grave But The Sea"
"Nancy The Tavern Wench"
"1741 (The Battle Of Cartagena)"
"Drunken Sailor"
"Pegleg Potion"
"Bar ünd Imbiss"
"Captain Morgan's Revenge"
"Wolves Of The Sea"
"Fucked With An Anchor"


Christopher Bowes - vocals, keytar
Gareth Murdock - bass
Mate Bodor - guitar
Peter Alcorn - drums
Elliot Vernon - keyboard

(Photo - Robert Zembrzycki)

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