ALICE COOPER Guitarist RYAN ROXIE - "Alice Has Had A Hand In Giving Me Some Huge Bucket List Moments"

August 21, 2021, 3 months ago

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ALICE COOPER Guitarist RYAN ROXIE - "Alice Has Had A Hand In Giving Me Some Huge Bucket List Moments"

Speaking with Metal Sludge editor Gerry Gittelson in an excluisve interview, Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie opened up about highlights (and lowlights) of his career. Following is an excerpt from the Q&A.

Metal Sludge: List three great memories with Alice Cooper including at least one that is embarrassing.

Ryan Roxie: "Great memories with Alice Cooper come almost every tour. I would say that Alice has had a hand in giving me some HUGE Bucket List moments:

1) Being able to play onstage with one of my all-time Guitar Heroes, Brian May.  We were playing Wembley arena no less…his stomping grounds!  We started the show with Eric Singer kicking into 'We Will Rock You' and I’m telling you, EVERY hand in the audience went up in the air…just like friggin’ Live-Aid! ha! Then we broke into 'School's Out' and Brian killed the solo with the loudest guitar tone I’d ever heard. His ONE Vox AC-30 amp was louder than my entire rig!…Plus, I got to hold THE guitar! (insert biblical music here)

2) The Mötley Crüe final tour. Even though it didn’t end up being the ‘actual’ final tour (did any of us ‘really’ believe the contract was written in blood?).  Being able to tour the world with Motley  provided me with SO many great bucket list memories. So many of the venues I had always wanted to play since I was a kid were fulfilled on that tour. First time playing Madison Square Garden, first time playing Hollywood Bowl…the list goes on and I’m thankful for EVERY venue on that tour.

3) You want embarrassing?  How about having the opportunity to play in Rockford, Illinois in front of one of your biggest influences you’ve had as a guitarist and songwriter since you were a kid. I’m talking about Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. The evening started off great enough as Rick came into our dressing room and we had a chance to jam ‘California Man’ and Schools Out together, just me and him! Dream come true! Then, during the show…as Rick is watching from the monitor board, I jump on top of the ego-riser to lay out my ‘spotlight solo’ that Alice gives each of us in the band. Well, I’m gonna go for it this time... I’ve got Cheap Trick’s guitarist watching us in HIS hometown, the crowd is great, and fuck... I’m just gonna lay down the best solo I’ve every played...!

Apparently my guitar had other ideas. As soon as I jump up on the riser, the guitar makes the ugliest BZZZZZ/feedback sound you’ve ever heard. I’m trying to play notes, and all that’s coming out of my rig is electronic sounding vomit!!   I cower backwards and look over at Rick and he’s shrugging his shoulders and mouthing the words 'It happens…'    Any other time I would have just chalked it up to ‘just another night in rock n’ roll’…but REALLY, did it have to be THAT NIGHT?!"

Read the complete Q&A here.

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