ANNIHILATOR Mastermind JEFF WATERS Shares His Thoughts On Strings And Picks For Beginner Guitarists (Video)

May 17, 2024, 2 months ago

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ANNIHILATOR Mastermind JEFF WATERS Shares His Thoughts On Strings And Picks For Beginner Guitarists (Video)

Annihilator guitarist / founder Jeff Waters has shared a new video from his home studio, offering his thoughts on string gauges and picks for begnniner guitarists.

Waters recently commented: "2024 is THE YEAR OF ALICE: ALICE IN HELL.   

35 years since its release and we will be celebrating with many of you for the year with merch, signature guitars, shows, events, catalogue reissues, etc… and this will lead us into 2025, which is the anniversary of our biggest record: Never, Neverland. Alice will continue on with us, into 2025.   

Randy Rampage, Alice In Hell’s vocalist and awesome frontman, passed away a few years back. To honour Rampage, I had a tough job to find someone to fill his shoes for this anniversary.   

Stu Block may be known as a badass vocalist and frontman BUT he also loves Rampage's attitude and will be the perfect singer to channel this classic record onstage. Long-time, fellow axe-slingers Rich Gray (4 strings!) and Aaron Homma (6 strings!) also continue their journey with Annihilator.  

Stage? Oh yeah. Let us just start with this: Annihilator will be co-headlining, along with Scorpions and Five Finger Death Punch, at Topfest, Slovakia on June 29, 2024. We will play the entire “Alice” record, along with some other rockin’ tunes.  

This will be an exclusive Europe festival show for 2024, however, we will be announcing lots more, starting January.  

We have NOT forgotten anyone. We will do our best in 2024-2025+ to get to where we should have been playing AND to where we already have!   

So, thank you all for getting Annihilator to the point of 17 studio records, a zillion tours and STILL rockin' after all these years. We are very aware that we’re still going strong because of our fans; not the industry.   

On that note, any festivals and promoters that want this legendary Alice/Neverland set in 2025, talk to our dude Nik at Bottom Row for Europe and our web site contact for everywhere else!  

Check the socials for regular updates now, cause we have a lot coming for you!        

Love and Metal to all, Annihilator and Jeff Waters."

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