Bassist MAGNUS ROSÉN - "Even Though I Love Heavy Metal, It's Time To Say Goodbye To AVALANCH"

October 3, 2018, 5 years ago

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Bassist MAGNUS ROSÉN - "Even Though I Love Heavy Metal, It's Time To Say Goodbye To AVALANCH"

Heavy metal bassist Magnus Rosén (Shadowside, HammerFall) has announced that he has parted ways with Spain-based power metal band, Avalanch.

Says Magnus: "Great respect and a big thank you to the most important of all, I clearly mean you, the audience we have had with Avalanch. Getting to know your response after my 10-year break from heavy metal has been more than wonderful. I love every second of the scene. You have probably noticed that.

"My heart and my soul have always been present! My humility to play for an enthusiastic audience is one of the very best in life, I have to say 😊🤘 So I will give you my big thanks for this time!

"Before Avalanch, but after Hammerfall, I did other musical adventures for about 10 years. Among other things, we gathered food for poor people in South America! Stand up get equal rights between men and women. Engage with music against violance plus much more. I am proud and happy. So I've used my little celebrity!

"Even though I love heavy metal, it's time to say goodbye to Avalanch! This departure was nothing I planned to do, but due to different circumstances, I find this as the only resort. If anyone asks why I stop, I want to say... Peace, Love, Understanding. 😊🤘 That's why I lift my hat and say thank you for this time. The very best audience, best crew, management and record label.

"The one I would like to thank is Paulo Baron from Brazil who recommended me to Avalanch. My hat off to you! And of course a big thank you to those fine musicians: Alberto, Isra, Emanuel, Jorge and Mike! Alberto you did a great band!!!!

"Life has its winding path which is not always easy to understand. But on my way I will continue to walk wherever it takes the road. Heavy metal, hard rock, rock, pop, blues, Aart-music in the heart and the bass on the shoulder with the future in the binoculars, maybe it will come up new opportunities. 😊🤘

"Hopefully i will see you again sometime. But be sure, I will miss you best audience! 😊🤘🙏✨💫🤘

"My last show a  few days ago in Barcelona:

"One of many memories from our live concerts with Avalanch:

(Photo - Juan Ramon Felipe)

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