Book Of Skulls: Slayer Of Eragoth – Heavy Metal Board Game Launches On Kickstarter

November 1, 2023, 5 months ago

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Book Of Skulls: Slayer Of Eragoth – Heavy Metal Board Game Launches On Kickstarter

Book Of Skulls: Slayers of Eragoth has just launched for crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Book Of Skulls is a huge dungeon-crawling adventure where two teams battle to both save and destroy the continent of Eragoth.

Gameplay ensures all players are always engaged as, in their teams, players simultaneously command good and evil as they alternate control between the heroic Slayers and the monstrous Demons. 

Game notes:

-High replayability as you will never play the same game twice with ten modular maps that can be played in any quantity and order along with over 150 unique characters.
-Backed by an original high-energy metal soundtrack made by the games’ creator, Book Of Skulls has both your gameplay and soundtrack covered, the board game with blast beats.

In addition to the soundtrack, the in-world group of heavy metal bards, Bards of Fire, have released their battle call single Slayer Strike featuring Will Shaw (DeadRisen, Ayreon, Heir Apparent) streaming on all platforms.

Metal music has inspired the creation of Book Of Skulls from the soundtrack itself through to character moves and the mechanics that make the world. 

Book Of Skulls: Slayers of Eragoth is the first game in a series expanding upon the huge world, story and mechanics set out in this first installment. 

The Kickstarter only runs until November 30, do not miss out on your chance to become a Slayer of Eragoth.

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