CANNIBAL CORPSE Face Lyrics Ban In Russian Republic Bashkortostan

November 6, 2014, 9 years ago

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CANNIBAL CORPSE Face Lyrics Ban In Russian Republic Bashkortostan

Death metal patriarchs Cannibal Corpse have left Russia without being able to play most shows of their recent tour, but it seems Russia is not done with them.

Prosecutors in the republic of Bashkortostan requested a court ban on lyrics and cover art by the band, RIA Novosti reported Wednesday.

"The lyrics contain scenes of abuse, physical and psychological violence against people and animals, murders and suicide, complete with pictures," a prosecution spokeswoman was cited as saying.

The comment appears redundant, given that the band's whole image is built on shock, gore and violence, with track lists offering crowd pleasers such as "Meat Hook Sodomy" and "Necropedophile" — albeit delivered in perfectly unintelligible guttural growling. Eight of their 10 album covers depict scenes of dismemberment.

The band was censored in Australia and Germany in the early 2000s, but those bans have since been lifted.

Read more at The Moscow Times.

Cannibal Corpse recently uploaded a video for “Kill Or Become”, taken from their new album A Skeletal Domain. The video was directed by David Brodsky for MyGoodEye and was shot on location at Kelly’s Hideaway in Seffner, Florida.

Cannibal Corpse released their new album, A Skeletal Domain, on September 16th via Metal Blade Records. The album was produced by Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver). Listen to the album track, "The Murderer's Pact", streaming below.

A Skeletal Domain marks the band's thirteenth full-length. Produced by Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver) at Audio Hammer Studios, the record heaves forth twelve ill-omened tracks in forty-four skin-searing minutes, the result of which is a colossal, confrontational, and meticulously-executed aural attack that finds the band at the peak of their notoriously hyper-kinetic viciousness.



A Skeletal Domain tracklisting:

“High Velocity Impact Spatter“

“Sadistic Embodiment“

“Kill Or Become“

“A Skeletal Domain“

“Headlong Into Carnage“

“The Murderer’s Pact“

“Funeral Cremation“

“Icepick Lobotomy“

“Vector Of Cruelty“

“Bloodstained Cement“

“Asphyxiate To Resuscitate“

“Hollowed Bodies“

“The Murderer’s Pact“:

"Sadistic Embodiment":


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