CHTHONIC's Freddy Lim One Of Taiwan's Strongest Voices For Freedom And Human Rights

February 18, 2010, 14 years ago

hot flashes news chthonic reports:

Freddy Lim, lead singer of Taiwan’s extreme metal / rock band CHTHONIC, is one of Taiwan’s leading voices for independence and human rights. Lim gives his message of freedom from the stage, at political rallies, during street protests, on the internet, and to reporters worldwide as he tours with the band.

Not limited to promoting Taiwan, Freddy has tackled the problems of Tibet, helped with the relief effort for Typhoon Morkot, and championed the plight of Chinese Uyghurs. As Chthonic’s popularity increases, particularly in Europe and the United States, Freddy’s political influence also grows.

In January last year Lim was a speaker at an event in Indianapolis sponsored by Formosa Association for Public Affairs. Freddy gave the FAPA audience his new “Roadmap to New Era in Taiwan”.

Freddy, who launched the first Free Tibet benefit concert in Taipei, has had a private meeting with the Dali Lama to discuss Tibet’s future.

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